Ellendale House Flip Project

I haven’t done too many deal updates here recently, and I can tell you that it’s not because we have no projects to work on… actually it’s just the opposite. Hampden Homebuyers has been on a bit of a tear since the new year buying and selling quite a few properties.

Over one three week period in February I think we put like 10-12 houses under contract to purchase. Couple that with the best Real Estate Investor Coaching that we are doing and it has been a busy time.

One project we are working on getting rehabbed is our Ellendale house. This is a really nice brick ranch with a hip roof. It is almost 1,700 square feet but only two bedrooms. Yes, it has a lot of wasted space.

Well we are going to change all that around. This is a full gut project. We are changing the floorplan quite a bit and adding two new bedrooms. When we’re done we’ll have a 4 bedroom 2 full bath home with a little under 2,000 square feet plus a fully finished basement.

Our demo guys beat me to the house and had it ripped apart before I could get some real before pictures, but these are close enough:

Ellendale House Flip

Kitchen - Gutted

Living Room

Dining Area

Awkward Den with Fireplace

Master Bedroom

Full Bath

Finished Basement


Now here is a little video we put together with some of the progress and an overview of our rehab plans:


So what do you think? Looks like a fun little project doesn’t it….


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Tornado House Update – Springfield House Flip

We’ve been banging away at the new tornado damaged house in Springfield.

Our guys were there all last week getting the demo done and prepping for the new roof to go on. We’ve got to completely rebuild the roof and we will be adding some new soffits and overhangs to the roofline.

Inside all the damaged sheetrock has been removed and we also pulled up all the damaged hardwoods.

We’ll be rearranging the floorplan a bit by removing the wall between the living room and kitchen/dining room area. We are also going to alter the current kitchen layout to make some more space and make the flow more functional.

Here’s some pics of the demo work:



Living Room

Wall to be Removed Between Living Room and Kitchen

Master Bedroom Gutted


Dining Area

Living Room II



As we started taking up the hardwoods we found a lot of the subfloor underneath was bad, so we are going to be  replacing some large sections of subfloor also.

Well that’s all the updates for now. I’ll post some new pics as we get more exterior work done.


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84 Rhinebeck Ave Rehab Progress – House Flip Update

Here’s a look at our 84 Rhinebeck Ave property in Springfield.

We gutted out all the damaged sheetrock and floors.

In these photos you can see all the beautiful new sheetrock taped and mudded.

84 Rhinebeck Ave Springfield House For Sale

Rhinebeck Living Room

We opened the wall between the living room and kitchen to give the space a nice open and airy feel. Look at how smooth that tape job is!!!


Kitchen Gutted Out

Heres a look at the kitchen all gutted out with the new sheetrock hung. You can see some of the rough electric and plumbing in. We also added some recessed lighting in both the kitchen and living room.


Here is one of the 2 full baths with all the colorful new sheetrock hung. You can also see the new vinyl replacement windows that we added throughout the house.

84 Rhinebeck Ave Home For Sale

Here is one of the upstairs bedrooms with all the walls painted. We will put down a new subfloor and then probably add some berber carpeting to the room.




This ones probably gonna be finished up within the next week.

We’ll have it staged and for sale soon.  I’ll post the finished pics so you can see the amazing transformation!!!!



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House Flip Before and After – 93 White St

I haven’t done any of these cool before and afters in a long time. I’m about 20-30 properties behind 🙁

I’m gonna make a point to get caught up so you can see all our beautiful transformations!


Here is a look at the before and afters of our rehab at 93 White St in Westfield. This was a fire damaged 2 family house that had sustained significant fire damage to the second floor unit. We ended up gutting both units and doing a full renovation.




Fernleaf Ave, Longmeadow– House Flip Update

House for Sale Longmeadow MA

27 Fernleaf Ave Longmeadow MA before

Our rehab at 27 Fernleaf Ave in Longmeadow MA is nearly complete.

This is an awesome stucco house that has big rooms and lots of square footage. It is 6 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths spread over three floors of living space.

We’ll get it cleaned and staged this week then it will be for sale!!

Heres a look:

Buy house Longmeadow MA

27 Fernleaf Ave For Sale

House for Sale Longmeadow MA

View from Front Door with Wall removed between Living Room and Kitchen

Fireplace in Living Room with Built in Window Seats

Same view but here you can see the Coffered Ceiling. We kept it dark for a nice Contrast

Fernleaf Ave House for Sale

Living Room Archway, Center Staircase

Living Room looking towards Kitchen with Wall Removed and Archway

Kitchen w/ Cherry Finish Cabinets, Granite Countertops

Kitchen with Tile Backsplash and Tile Floors

Gourgeous Kitchen Aide French Door Fridge

Dining Room

First Floor Half Bath


Second Floor Full Bath with Granite Double Sink Vanity

Tile Tub Surround with Glass Block Feature/ Jacuzzi Tub

Bedroom with Shiny Hardwood Floors

House for sale Fernleaf Ave Longmeadow

One Last Kitchen Shot!!!



This home is gonna look really amazing once we get it staged.

151 Bowdoin St, Historic Rehab

151 Bowdoin St Before

Our historic beauty at 151 Bowdoin is complete. All thats left is cleaning and staging the home.

This was an epic project. When we bought the house we knew we were in for a challenge.It looked like a big old purple haunted house!

The house was basically stripped when we got it…. nothing was left in the kitchen, there was no plumbing or heating systems, and the exterior was in deplorable condition.

In the end I think it came out real nice.

Have a look at the unstaged photos: (you can see all the before pics HERE and the before video HERE)

House for Sale Springfield MA

151 Bowdoin St Springfield MA

Historic House for Sale Springfield MA

151 Bowdoin Springfield MA Historic House

Nice Garage Doors!!!

Living Room

Dining Room

151 Bowdoin St Kitchen

Stainless Steel Appliances / Tile Backsplash

Kitchen w/ Breakfast Bar

Bathroom with Claw Foot Tub

Master Bedroom w/ Fireplace

Bowdoin St Bedroom

Second Floor Bath



So it came out pretty awesome. We kept the historic appeal of the exterior and brought the interior up to date with modern upgrades and finishes.

I’ll post the new pictures when we get it staged.

Happy Thanksgiving and Foundation Work

First off I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoyed your turkey…. or if you’re like my partner Dominic, I hope you enjoyed your steak (yes Dominic eats Filet Mignon on Thanksgiving, what a snob!!)

We tackled the foundation repair at Bruce St over the last week.

Our first step was to jack the house up and tear out the bad walls. Here’s what it looked like;

Foundation Gone

A View from the Inside

Once this was complete we laid a new footing and rebuilt the wall.

Here’s a video with an update of the progress:


We’ve been using a new video man to film and put our movies together. I think they are coming out real nice….. alot better than those old movies I was putting together in Windows Movie Maker!!

Well that’s all I got for now. We’ve got a couple new purchases in the works…. and are selling some of our finished properties. The market has slowed down for the winter and holidays, but there are still a good amount of buyers out there actively looking for new homes!!

More Bruce St Demo

Wow, this demo stuff is fun!!!! Check out the little video we made from the first day of demo at our Bruce St project.




We now have the new roof built up, it is all framed, has new plywood and is shingled.

New Roof is on, Plwood Being Loaded

Inside View, Jason Deep in Thought

We have also stripped all the old siding off the house and have it ready for our awesome new Tan siding.

38 Bruce St

New Roof is on

Rear View of House



If you look closely at the pictures above you can see we have dug out all along the foundation wall on the right side of the house. This is the wall that we are going to be tearing out and replacing. It is cracking right in the middle and has a real nasty bow to it.

Here are some pics of the bad foundation, look closely and you can see the way it bows in right in the middle:

Bruce St Foundation

Its Leaning in a Little Bit!!!

I'm Holding the Camera Straight... See that Lean



So thats our next big fix at this house. Right now the house is all jacked up off the foundation and the bad wall will be torn out and rebuilt.

– Happy Flipping


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