Selling a Vacant Springfield Area Home

Selling a Vacant Springfield / Chicopee Home

So you’ve got an extra house in the Springfield, Chicopee, Holyoke area. It’s vacant, taking up your time and energy, but for what? Will you be renting it out or perhaps putting it on the market? Whatever your decision will be, you’ll most definitely be spending some big money in preparations.

Renters require a certain amount of time, energy and patience and having the house up to a “rental satisfaction” will mean making sure everything is in working order. Selling a house will take even more attention as now you are not only considering the renters, you have to consider your realtor and what they would want you to do to get it into sale shape, the home inspection company, who will tell you every tiny thing that needs fixing and the new buyer who might insist on a new roof or new carpets before they make an offer. There are plenty of things to consider.

Your vacant house can also be subject to vandalism, pest infestation, dry rot, overgrown vegetation etc. Without proper maintenance, even a nice home can become subject to a multitude of problems. Owning a vacant house can be a headache on so many levels.

So now you’ve decided that the vacant home needs to go, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money out of your pocket. So why not consider a cash sale. We buy houses, vacant homes, lots and land with no money out of your pocket. We even take care of the garbage. Hampden Homebuyers LLC has been buying homes in the Springfield metro area for over 10 years with a stellar reputation in the community. We pay cash for vacant homes, buy them as-is and can close within 2 weeks. Fill out our sell fast form at and see what we can do for you today!

104 Roy St Before – Sell a House Springfield MA

We Buy Houses Cash in Springfield, MA

Sell a House Springfield MA


Here is a look at the before pictures of a house that we are finishing up the renovations on.


This was an awesome purchase for us. We bought this home from an estate, paid cash, bought it “as-is” and closed quickly. The estate loved the ease of the transaction and how fast they were able to get their cash out of this house that needed much work.


Our renovation is gonna turn this boring little boxy cape into a masterpiece. We will completely open the wall between the kitchen and living room, creating an amazing open floor plan. We are gutting out the bathrooms and completely renovating them. We are also turning the upstairs half bath into a full……. giving us 4 bedrooms and 2 full baths.

We have to do some electric work, adding a new service line and panel, plus some plumbing work, sheetrock, floors, paint, etc…….

Here is a look at this house which we bought for cash in Springfield MA;

104 Roy St Springfield MA

104 Roy St Springfield MA


104 Roy St. Cute Cape


Living Room


Eat in Kitchen

104_4551 104_4552

Dated Kitchen

Dated Kitchen



We Buy Houses Springfield

Wall to be Removed

Sell House AS IS Springfield

Full Bath

104_4558 104_4559 104_4560 104_4562

Sell my House Springfield

Half Bath

104_4564 104_4565 104_4566 104_4567 104_4568 104_4569


So there she is in all her glory. Kind of looks like a time capsule with those dated baths and kitchen. This is a very common thing with all the estate and inherited properties that we buy.


Now here is a look at some of the work in progress. You can see the way we have opened up the floor plan to modernize this little gem~~~~;



We Buy Houses Springfield

Wall Between Kitchen and Living Room Removed

Sell House Springfield MA

New Hardwoods Installed

Sell House Springfield MA

Gutted Bathroom

Sell House Springfield MA

New Header for Support




Stay tuned for the finished pictures from this great probate property rehab that we have wrapping up.

I’ll be posting those shortly!!!

See you on the Flip Side~~~~~~



A few facts about and in Springfield and Chicopee:

We buy houses in Springfield, MA. Right here; we’ll even show you how we do it.
We buy houses in Chicopee, Hoyloke, Agawam and Ludlow MA, no matter how ugly the house is. Ugly is good from a buyer’s point of view. Ugly house is another expression for “this home has potential”. Fixer-upper? Sure, we buy these ugly homes “as-is”, clean them up nice, and sell them for a profit.
We buy houses for cash in Springfield, MA, no matter how ugly the house is. So, if you want to sell your house fast in Springfield, Chicopee, South Hadley or Holyoke, point your browser at – or, give us a call at 413-248-SELL and sell your house fast, because we pay cash!


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5 Risks of Renting A Parent’s Vacant Springfield / Chicopee Home. Sell, Don’t Rent!

5 Risks of Renting A Parent’s Vacant Springfield / Chicopee Home… Sell Don’t Rent!

Your parents have finally reached the age that requires special care and their house is sitting empty. Tempting to rent it out for some additional income, right?

Before you decide to rent, read this post about the risks involved with renting. You might want to think again and consider other options.

1. Bad Tenants

The bane of all landlords, bad tenants can be a pain in the neck and a pain in the pocketbook. Unpaid rent, unpaid utilities, property neglect or destruction add up to a loss in revenue and an increase in out-of-pocket cash. Bad actors engaging in disruptive or criminal behavior anger neighbors and ruin the value of the neighborhood. You’re risking not only missing out on that extra income you were counting on, but the overall value of the home as well.

2. Destroyed House

You can’t believe what some tenants do to a rental. With no regard for the property and no respect to the owners, they can trash the place beyond belief. The costs of renovation and repair can be exorbitant. Do you have a lot of extra cash lying around that you can shell out to put the property back in order? Is that a risk you are prepared to take?

3. Overhead Costs

Don’t overlook the fact that acting as a landlord comes with costs. You still have property taxes to pay. Ongoing costs of maintenance and repairs add up. Do you have adequate cash flow on hand to cover these ongoing costs?

4. Vacancies

Every day a house is vacant means another day the property is generating zero income. It also means that you will bear the expense of getting the place ready for new tenants and advertising for new tenants, not to mention the time invested to show the property and screen prospective renters.

5. Evictions

Evictions, every landlord’s nightmare, are a real pain. With tenant rights the way they are today, it is a wonder anyone ever does get evicted. Have you looked into some of the conditions pertaining to eviction laws in areas like Portland, Oregon? Besides having to deal with all the legal red tape and the frustrations of feeling like you can’t control the situation, you have to bear the risk that angry tenants will trash the place as a way to get even.

The above risks facing all landlords are the reasons we say SELL, DON’T RENT. Unless you are very experienced in the landlord business and have the cash flow needed to cover unforeseen expenses, you run the added risk of getting financially in over your head.

A simple way to generate additional income from the property is to sell the house. The cash you make from a home sale can be invested in safe, secure assets that don’t involve all the risks of renting a home.

You can sell the parent’s Springfield home fast with no money out of pocket through a house cash sale. You can sell the house in “as is” condition, liquidate practically overnight and not have to confront the risks associated with being a landlord.

Would you rather cash out the equity or risk being a landlord?

To sell your Springfield / Chicopee / Agawam house fast for cash call Hampden Homebuyers now at 413-248-SELL, or fill out our “Sell Your House fast as-is” form to get the ball rolling quickly.


Should You Sell Your (Inherited) Estate House As-Is?

Selling my House for Cash in Chicopee
We buy houses in Chicopee.
Contact Hampden Homebuyers

An “estate house” or probate house is one listed for sale by the estate of a deceased person.

If you are not familiar with the estate process here is a very short overview. When someone passes away with or without a will, all the person’s assets and debts are put into the legal possession of the “estate”. The estate is a temporary legal trust that executes the terms of the will, disposes of assets and settles debts, before transferring the remaining assets to the heirs. Real estate property may be sold by the estate to meet the terms of the will, or to settle debts, or it may eventually be transferred to the heir(s).

The cash needed to prepare an estate house for sale is normally whatever assets are in the estate – that is, whatever the deceased person left behind. You may be the executor or personal representative handling the estate, or you may be working with an attorney or other executor.

  • Get a thorough inspection of the house to know the true condition and what is necessary to prepare it for a traditional home-buyer sale. Especially if it was the long-time residence of the deceased person, expect a lengthy list of issues, many of them costly.
  • How much cash does the estate have to prepare the house for sale? Are any of the heirs willing to chip in more?
  • Is it worth it to put the cash of the estate and/or the heir(s) into the house to sell, or is it smarter to sell as-is, quickly and for cash, to a fix-and-flip company such as Hampden Homebuyers?
    • Fixing the house may be a long process requiring knowledgeable management of sub-contractors and many choices of what and how much to fix.
    • Do you know what the building code requires, and what most benefits the house in this particular market? It is common for first-timers to put too much money into things that don’t improve marketability and overlook even small items that make an impression on home-shoppers.
    • Expect hidden defects to emerge during the fixing-process – even large show-stoppers. There is no control over what it may ultimately cost to get the house into the condition you are targeting.

Selling quickly for cash is frequently the best option, by far, to solve the financial and other problems of an estate house. Working with Hampden Homebuyers offers you an easy and fast cash transaction, without going through the hassles and headaches of fixing the house up and preparing for a traditional sale. Call us at 413-248-SELL or fill out our “Sell your house Fast” form to get the process started.

I Just Inherited A House….Why Should I Call Hampden HomeBuyers?

I just inherited a house, but I have no idea what to do with it and even if I did I really have no idea what the probate process is? This is the exact thought that goes through anyone’s head that has been in the situation of inheriting a property. The process of liquidating all of the assets that a person leaves behind and paying off any debts is called Probate. Now even if there was a Will a Probate case will still need to opened with a Probate Attorney in order to make sure that any creditors can come forward with a claim for any money that may have been owed to them. So getting in touch with an Attorney would be the first step in beginning to deal with this process. Once that has taken place you will be informed by the Attorney how long the Probate case will need to be open (generally that time period is 4 months), which basically means how long until all of the remaining assets can be split up amongst the beneficiaries. At this point if the decision of the beneficiaries is to sell any property left behind, it would be in their best interest to begin trying to find a buyer.

The problem that often occurs with trying to find a buyer for Probate real estate, is that generally the houses are either in varying degrees of disrepair or they are very outdated. Both of these things can really deter an owner occupant financed buyer who would be looking for a house that they and their family can move into. If the house is in need of a lot of repair often times it will not even be financiable, which means most buyers could not even buy it if they wanted to. Also if the house needs to be completely updated it can often be very unappealing to an owner occupied buyer because there is just too much work for them to handle. This is when calling Hampden Homebuyers to sell Probate real estate can make your life very easy! Hampden Homebuyers specializes in buying houses that are in need of minor TLC & updating to major renovation & repair, and in addition we buy with cash so there is never any chance of financing falling through. We will also close on the date of your choice, which can really help when probate paperwork doesn’t get completed on time or when its supposed to (which happens a lot).

By contacting Hampden Homebuyers you don’t have to worry about cleaning out the property, completing any repairs, finding a realtor, dealing with picky buyers, having financing falling through and the list goes on and on. We make selling property easy, which in most probate situations is exactly what the beneficiaries are looking for. In addition we are able to close on the date of your choice and pay you a fair price for the property! If you have just inherited a house and are either looking to sell it or just don’t really know where to start with the entire process….then contact Hampden Homebuyers today so that we can help. We work closely with a large number of Probate attorneys who we will gladly refer you to for assistance in dealing with the probate while at the same time we can present you with a cash offer for any real property within 24 hours!

Hampden Homebuyers purchases a large number of houses out of probate each and every month in the greater Springfield area, and the reason for that is because we make selling your probate house a very simple & easy process! Contact us today to learn more about the probate process or to get a list of clients and probate attorney’s who have used our services and have nothing but great things to say about how we do business!

Sell your Probate property fast and in “as is” condition! Call us at 413-241-6859 or fill out our “sell your house fast form” to get the ball rolling.

We buy probate and inherited houses fast for cash in Chicopee, Springfield, Holyoke, Agawam, West Springfield, Southwick, Longmeadow, East Longmeadow, Wilbraham, South Hadley, Westfield, Ludlow and surrounding towns