Need To Sell Your Springfield House NOW? We Buy Houses Cash!

How to Sell Your House ‘As Is’ at a Fair Price on the Date of Your Choice

If you want to sell your Springfield area house in the fastest, easiest, and most convenient manner, read this important message. You may discover the perfect solution… because we buy houses in Springfield and many houses throughout Western MA.

Selling a house is usually an expensive and complicated process. That’s why real estate agents make thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars on a single sale. But, when we buy your Springfield house, there are no commissions to pay. And you certainly won’t have to tolerate dozens of total and sometimes frightening strangers tramping through your home and poking through your drawers and closets.

We are a real estate investment company that works in the greater Springfield area and we buy a number of houses each month throughout the region… and in every price range. But the best part is… we use private funds that require no long, drawn out bank approvals. So we can act fast! We can usually close within 14 days… or as little as 72 hours. We’re as serious about buying your house as you are about selling it.

That’s the biggest difference between us and listing with a real estate agent. An agent will list your house… hoping it sells within 3 to 6 months. I want to buy your house now! That’s a huge difference when you’re the one with the house for sale. An agent lists five, ten, even dozens of houses at a time, and it’s rare if an agent can give all of those properties his or her close personal attention. It’s no wonder that a listed home can sometimes take a long time to sell while you, the owner, are stuck maintaining the property and making house payments month after month.

What’s your alternative? Of course you could just sell it yourself – without an agent. After all, who knows more about the house than you do? But consider this. How many houses have you bought and sold in your lifetime? Two, maybe three? If so, you haven’t had to solve even a fraction of the problems that usually pop up – right before closing.

Remember, buying a house is a big decision for most people and it’s easy for them to get “spooked.” At the first sign of a complication or small problem (like a lien, necessary repair, or one of the other typical closing glitches), they can run like a scared jackrabbit.

Then you have to start all over at square one – it’s a frustrating experience. Plus, when you try to sell it yourself, you still have to put up with dozens of strangers tramping through your home – only now you’ll have to be there yourself. For some owners, that’s a scary thought. And what if you need to move fast? You could dump the price and hope someone will steal your house, but can you afford to do that? Or, you could go ahead, move out, and leave it with the agent. And every month, while making two huge mortgage payments (most people find that tough to swallow), you hope and pray that someone will buy your old house next month – and the next – and the next. Of course, that’s assuming you can even qualify for a new mortgage with the old one still on your back.

And when it’s sitting vacant, what’s going to stop someone from climbing through the kitchen window and tearing up your property? Frankly, that’s more worry and aggravation than most people need in a lifetime. Pretty grim, huh?

Which way do you turn? To an agent with dozens of other listings to handle? Selling on your own and sweating out financing details, lost deals, last minute closing “surprises”? Moving out and hoping you don’t get some midnight call with “bad news” about your house?

Here’s a better solution – a way out…

When Hampden Homebuyers buys your house “as is” for CASH on the date of your choice, we might help you AVOID…

  • Putting your house on the market entirely.
  • Coming out of pocket if you have little or no equity..
  • Relying on an agent to perform or keep their promises.
  • Doing fix-up work to please a picky buyer…
  • Becoming an unwanted landlord.
  • Counting on a bank to approve your buyer’s loan.
  • Having your buyer back out at the last minute.
  • Paying prepayment penalties…
  • Having the cash you need NOW tied up in your house…
  • Struggling with the uncertainty of when it will sell
  • Making house payments you can no longer afford
  • Making payments on a vacant house.
  • Foreclosure or bankruptcy.

If your property qualifies and we come out to see it, we will provide you with a firm written offer. We’ll explain everything to you in plain, everyday English. We’ll be 100% direct, clear and honest with you… from start to finish.

In fact, we can usually “pre-qualify” your home right over the phone, in just a few minutes. That can save both of us time. If we come to an agreement, we can pay all cash with no contingencies. That’s because (unlike most potential buyers) we don’t have to sell another house first.

And if you want, we can close in just a few days. We’ll handle all of the paperwork and make all the arrangements and you can get on with your life! We don’t yet know your particular reasons for selling, but we do know how to get your house closed as quickly and professionally as possible.

Imagine, by this time next week your house could be sold!

Can we really buy your house this quickly and easily? Maybe, or maybe not. A lot of it depends on you. If you want to get above market price for your house, don’t bother calling us. We are professionals and we do expect to make a profit. Our offers are very “fair” and well thought out.

Does your property meet our requirements? Call our office and let’s find out. We buy all types of real estate and we can quickly determine if your house fits our investment needs. If we don’t end up buying your house, we’ll be happy to share ideas or advice on what you might try next. You will still have all your other options available. You have nothing to lose by calling us first.

So… give us a call at 413-248-SELL or fill out our “Sell Your House Fast” form on our website to get the ball rolling. When you need to sell you Springfield house now, we are the #1 choice!!

Massachusetts Foreclosure Filings Drop

Foreclosures filings in MA are down significantly due to new legislature and efforts by the banks. However there are still a lot of homes in foreclosure and underwater. If you are having trouble making the payments on your house, even if you owe more then the house is currently worth, give Hampden Homebuyers a call at 413-248-SELL or fill out our Quick Home Selling Form on our site and we can help!!!!!

Here is an interesting article about the significant drop in the number of MA foreclosures.

This article is from

By Kerri Ann Panchuk • May 13, 2013 • 12:09pm

The state of Massachusetts continues to benefit from more home sales and foreclosure prevention efforts – two factors that caused foreclosure activity in the New England state to plummet 82% year-over-year in March, according to data from publisher The Warren Group.

The latest statistics show lenders filed 284 foreclosure petitions in March, an 82% decline from 1,621 petitions in 2012. In just the first quarter, the state recorded 2,080 petitions to foreclose, down 52% from 4,348 a year earlier. Petitions to foreclose are the first step in the process of foreclosing on a property. “Overall, we’re seeing foreclosures drop all over the country, but Massachusetts is exceptional in its reduction,” said Timothy Warren, CEO of The Warren Group in a press statement. “The Mortgage Bankers Association reports that we rank 48th in foreclosures started in the first quarter of 2013.

Foreclosure prevention efforts combined with a booming real estate market are leading to fewer foreclosures.” Foreclosure deeds, which signify a completed foreclosure, also fell 74% to 227 in March, down from 899 filings in March 2012. Auction announcements also plummeted, The Warren Group added, with 398 foreclosure auction announcements in March—a 67% decline from 1,214 announcements a year earlier.

The first three months of the year brought 1,102 foreclosure auction announcements, down 73% from 4,174 during the same period of 2012.
The decline in foreclosure activity first picked up last summer when new foreclosure requirements in Massachusetts stalled activity as banks faced new rules from the national mortgage servicing settlement as well as a state law signed by Gov. Deval Patrick in August. Those two trends set Massachusetts on track to experience falling foreclosure filings—a development aided by rising prices in the state, which helped homeowners gain equity.


Foreclosures are down, but the new legislature just seems to be delaying the process rather than fixing things.

If need to sell your house quickly, as-is for Cash; or if you are having trouble making the payments on your house, even if you owe more then the house is currently worth, give Hampden Homebuyers a call at 413-248-SELL or fill out our Quick Home Selling Form on our site and we can help!!!!!

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Going to Foreclosure Auctions? Watch out for Collusion!!

Foreclosure Auction


We’re not too big into foreclosure auctions but I know the banks are really starting to wake up and let things go at nice discounts at many of these auctions…. so it is becoming a really viable strategy for finding deals.

Here’s an interesting article I came across about foreclosure auctions.

It seems some of our fellow real estate investors were secretly banding together at California auctions to keep the bids low. I wonder how many of these little “clicks” there are throughout the country??



Investors Plead Guilty to Bid-Rigging at California Foreclosure Auctions


By: Carrie Bay
Eight California real estate investors have agreed to plead guilty for conspiring to rig bids at public foreclosure auctions in Northern California.

According to the 
U.S. Department of Justice, the investors face felony charges for conspiring to fix bids by agreeing to refrain from bidding against one another.
The bid-rigging occurred between May 2008 and January 2011 at public real estate foreclosure auctions in Contra Costa County and Alameda County in the San Francisco Bay area.
The Justice Department says the primary purpose of the scheme was to suppress and restrain competition to obtain selected foreclosed real estate at noncompetitive prices.
When real estate properties are sold at these auctions, the proceeds are used to pay off the mortgage and other debt attached to the property, with remaining proceeds, if any, paid to the homeowner.
After the group’s designated bidder bought a property, the conspirators would hold a secret, private auction at which
each participant would bid the amount above the public auction price he was willing to pay, with the property going to the highest bidder.
DOJ officials say these private auctions took place at or near the courthouse steps where the public auctions were held.
According to court documents, the difference between the public auction price and that at the second auction was the group’s illicit profit, and it was divided among the conspirators, often in cash.
The eight conspirators were also charged with carrying out their conspiracy to defraud financial institutions by paying potential competitors not to bid in the public auctions for foreclosed properties, according to court filings.
“While the country faces unprecedented home foreclosure rates, the collusion taking place at these auctions is artificially driving down foreclosed home prices and is lining the pockets of the colluding real estate investors,” said Christine Varney, assistant attorney general in charge of the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division. “The Antitrust Division will vigorously pursue these kinds of collusive schemes that eliminate competition from the marketplace.”
Each violation for bid-rigging carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $1 million fine for individuals. Each conspiracy count carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine.
The DOJ’s Antitrust Division and the FBI say they have identified a pattern of collusive schemes among real estate investors aimed at eliminating competition at real estate foreclosure auctions.
Who knew this kind of thing was illegal!!??? 🙂

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