New Construction Rehab – 9 Juliette St Chicopee

We’ve finished the renovation work at our almost new construction house on Juliette St in Chicopee. This was a pretty easy job as the house is probably less than 2 years old.

The builder didn’t finish quite a few things and overall the quality of the finish work was pretty poor, so we went in and did some “redecorating”. We painted the whole interior, installed granite in the kitchen and added really high end Samsung stainless steel appliances, finished the 2 bathrooms, re-tiled some floors, added new hardwoods throughout the house, patched some walls, repoured some concrete, and landscaped the property.

We staged the house and put it on the market.

Here’s the finished product; (you can see all the before pictures HERE)

9 Juliette St Chicopee MA

View of Kitchen from Dining Area




Great Room/Dining Area

New Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Full Bath 2


Rehabbing (almost) New Construction

It’s been another productive week and a half. We put 3 more houses under contract to purchase; one short sale, one REO, and one estate property. That’s a pretty good mix of deals.

I’ve found that if we want to be consistently buying properties we need to have multiple channels to source new deals. What I mean by that is we don’t rely on just one thing to bring us deals, we have alot of lines in the water. Most new investors start off and work just one lead source, and when that doesn’t pan out right away they get frustrated. If you want to be consistently doing deals you need alot of leads. In order to get alot of leads you need to have multiple channels to fill your pipeline.

Well OK, on to one of our latest deals:

We bought a really nice contemporary ranch a few weeks back that is almost brand new. We got the inside scoop on this deal because we know one of the board of directors at the local bank that foreclosed on it. We actually bought an estate property from her; she represented the estate as the Executrix. She liked the way we did business and recommended that the bank work with us on their foreclosures. We ended up purchasing this house directly from the bank after they took it back at auction. The bank didn’t want to list the house with a realtor and didn’t want to evict the occupants, they just wanted it sold and off their books and they were willing to give it to us at a good price.

We made an agreement with the bank and immediately approached the occupants and offered them a good sum of money to move. We figured if all the big banks were doing “Cash for Keys” why couldn’t we. Our biggest concern was not having to go through an eviction. In MA evictions can drag out for 6 months or more, and this would have cost us alot in time and money. Well, with the money we were offering them they probably felt like they were winning the lottery, so they agreed to be out in 3 weeks.

Two and a half weeks later they were out and this is what we got:

Modern Ranch

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Dining Area

Living Room

Master Bathroom

Bathroom 2

Bathroom 2


You can see that even though the house was completed in 2009, there is still some work that needs to be done. We plan on painting the whole interior, doing some new hardwoods, installing a new kitchen countertop and backsplash, upgrading both bathrooms, and possibly adding central A/C.

This should be a quick/easy job and we may even already have a buyer lined up for it!!