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Hello to everyone in our virtual world. This is Dominic Kirchner here to give you a quick update on what Hampden Homebuyers has been up too. Matt and I have been extremely busy this year buying up a bunch of houses. We are keeping the contractors working overtime so we can have a good splash in the Spring market.

We are fresh off the plane, back from Sunny San Diego. We were at a FortuneBuilders seminar. Matt and I are both coaches with this awesome organization. We were up on stage for a little while sharing some valuable advice with about 400 investors from all around the country. Here is a picture of us with Than Merrill up on stage.

Dom, Than and Matt; Fortunebuilders Seminar

We took the redeye back Sunday night at 10:45pm PST and arrived in Boston at 9:25am with a layover in-between. It looks like we brought the nice weather back with us!

We also do Coaching with select individuals like Ray Tower. If the deal looks good we will do a Joint Venture (JV) deal with people that we coach. This is a quick video of us with Ray talking about working together.


We filmed a few videos of our projects before leaving for California. Matt will be posting those videos in a couple days so be sure to check them out.

I do have one last video before I go. Our video guy, Tom Knight, was trying to get the wireless mic to work. He turned around to get new batteries for the mic. Check out what happened.


Thank you everyone for reading and watching. Please be sure to click the LIKE button on this post and the videos. We appreciate any and all feedback and welcome questions too. Have a prosperous day!





Great stuff Dom!!!!!

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