Bruce St Renovation, Final Staged Pictures

Well, I have been slacking a little bit with the blog posts lately and I realized I never put up any pictures of our Bruce St rehab finished.

This was a major project that involved tearing off and raising the whole roof, redoing the foundation wall and gutting and renovating the interior.

We did new siding, new windows, new plumbing, new electric, new heating system, new central A/C, new kitchen, new baths, reworked the floorplan, etc………

You can see all the before pictures and videos here:

Here are the final staged pics:

Buy Home Springfield MA

Bruce St

Bruce St Kitchen with Granite and Stainless Steel Appliances

More Kitchen

Living Room

Dining Area

First Floor Bathroom

Second Floor Bath with Granite

Master Bedroom

Living Room again

Dining Area

Dang, this one looks good…. another stellar rehab in the books.


We are trucking along, buying and selling…. sprinkling in some wholesales here and there. Right now we have 4 new properties under contract to purchase, all of which look to be good rehab projects.  I’ll get some updates of these going as we close on them and start the work.

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Happy Thanksgiving and Foundation Work

First off I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoyed your turkey…. or if you’re like my partner Dominic, I hope you enjoyed your steak (yes Dominic eats Filet Mignon on Thanksgiving, what a snob!!)

We tackled the foundation repair at Bruce St over the last week.

Our first step was to jack the house up and tear out the bad walls. Here’s what it looked like;

Foundation Gone

A View from the Inside

Once this was complete we laid a new footing and rebuilt the wall.

Here’s a video with an update of the progress:


We’ve been using a new video man to film and put our movies together. I think they are coming out real nice….. alot better than those old movies I was putting together in Windows Movie Maker!!

Well that’s all I got for now. We’ve got a couple new purchases in the works…. and are selling some of our finished properties. The market has slowed down for the winter and holidays, but there are still a good amount of buyers out there actively looking for new homes!!

More Bruce St Demo

Wow, this demo stuff is fun!!!! Check out the little video we made from the first day of demo at our Bruce St project.




We now have the new roof built up, it is all framed, has new plywood and is shingled.

New Roof is on, Plwood Being Loaded

Inside View, Jason Deep in Thought

We have also stripped all the old siding off the house and have it ready for our awesome new Tan siding.

38 Bruce St

New Roof is on

Rear View of House



If you look closely at the pictures above you can see we have dug out all along the foundation wall on the right side of the house. This is the wall that we are going to be tearing out and replacing. It is cracking right in the middle and has a real nasty bow to it.

Here are some pics of the bad foundation, look closely and you can see the way it bows in right in the middle:

Bruce St Foundation

Its Leaning in a Little Bit!!!

I'm Holding the Camera Straight... See that Lean



So thats our next big fix at this house. Right now the house is all jacked up off the foundation and the bad wall will be torn out and rebuilt.

– Happy Flipping


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New House Flip — Bruce St Rehab Underway

We are starting up another fun filled rehab project!!!

I’ve been after the Bruce St property for about 4 years. This house is a total piece of crap, so I don’t even know what possessed me to pursue this dump… but I was working with the owner for awhile and got no where, finally the bank took it back and we were able to buy it as an REO. The cool thing about this house, like our Fullerton St properties, is that it came with an extra building lot.

As always, this house is in need of some minor TLC. It’s not too bad, we just have to tear the roof off the house, fully gut the interior, tear out and rebuild two foundation walls, do all new mechanicals (plumbing, heating system, electrical), raise the whole second floor roof line a couple feet, install new siding and windows, etc…….. You know, your typical “paint and carpet” type rehab!!! Lol

So here are some pictures of this gem . Another Hampden Homebuyers special!!!

Bruce St Springfield MA

38 Bruce St

Side View Bruce St

Extra Lot

Bruce St Garage

Living Room

View into Dining Room

Dining Room


First Floor Bathroom

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Awesome Blue Bathroom

Blue Second Floor Bathroom

Cracking Foundation Wall

The house has been empty for over 5 years and definitely needs some sprucing up and redecorating.

The sad thing is a house in this condition no longer even phases me. Most buyers would walk into this place and want to run out screaming… or they would walk through and get very depressed, thinking how could someone let a house get so damn nasty!!

Our first step was to take the roof off the house. We did this because the second floor ceilings were just a little over 6 feet high, which is not very functional. I think minimum code nowadays for ceiling height within living space is 7 ft 6 in.

Here are some cool pics from demo day… get your Hard Hats!!!!

Start of Bruce St Demolition

Tearing More Off!!

Dominic Enjoying the View

Dom Flexing his Muscles

This Can't be Safe

The Roof Collapsing Around Me

I Made it to the Top!!!

Almost Losing My Balance.... Don't Try this at Home!!!!

Fork Lift in Action

Our Contractor Jason Moving my Car

Tearing off the Garage Addition

Garage Addition going Bye Bye

Roof All Gone!!!

Job Well Done

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So what do you think? Looks like fun doesn’t it??