Happy Thanksgiving and Foundation Work

First off I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoyed your turkey…. or if you’re like my partner Dominic, I hope you enjoyed your steak (yes Dominic eats Filet Mignon on Thanksgiving, what a snob!!)

We tackled the foundation repair at Bruce St over the last week.

Our first step was to jack the house up and tear out the bad walls. Here’s what it looked like;

Foundation Gone

A View from the Inside

Once this was complete we laid a new footing and rebuilt the wall.

Here’s a video with an update of the progress:


We’ve been using a new video man to film and put our movies together. I think they are coming out real nice….. alot better than those old movies I was putting together in Windows Movie Maker!!

Well that’s all I got for now. We’ve got a couple new purchases in the works…. and are selling some of our finished properties. The market has slowed down for the winter and holidays, but there are still a good amount of buyers out there actively looking for new homes!!

More Bruce St Demo

Wow, this demo stuff is fun!!!! Check out the little video we made from the first day of demo at our Bruce St project.




We now have the new roof built up, it is all framed, has new plywood and is shingled.

New Roof is on, Plwood Being Loaded

Inside View, Jason Deep in Thought

We have also stripped all the old siding off the house and have it ready for our awesome new Tan siding.

38 Bruce St

New Roof is on

Rear View of House



If you look closely at the pictures above you can see we have dug out all along the foundation wall on the right side of the house. This is the wall that we are going to be tearing out and replacing. It is cracking right in the middle and has a real nasty bow to it.

Here are some pics of the bad foundation, look closely and you can see the way it bows in right in the middle:

Bruce St Foundation

Its Leaning in a Little Bit!!!

I'm Holding the Camera Straight... See that Lean



So thats our next big fix at this house. Right now the house is all jacked up off the foundation and the bad wall will be torn out and rebuilt.

– Happy Flipping


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