Preselling Rehabs – 8 Bosworth St Update

Things are wrapping up at our rehab on 8 Bosworth St in Springfield. All the construction is finished, the home inspection was completed last week and we are waiting on the appraisal now.

This is an interesting property because we sold it just a few days after we initially purchased it. The buyers went through our property at 53 Fullerton St and fell in love with that house. We ended up getting multiple offers on 53 Fullerton and they  missed out on it. We told them not to worry because we had a few other houses in the pipeline that would be as equally beautiful.

We took them through Bosworth St, and while we had only been working on the house for a couple days, they were able to see through all the mess and picture our finished product. They wanted it to look just like Fullerton St…. which wasn’t a problem because we finish all our homes in a very similiar fashion.

So long story short, we bought the house on April 20th and had an agreement to sell it by April 27th.

Here are some of the pictures of the work wrapping up: (you can see the before pictures HERE)

8 Bosworth St Springfield

Bosworth St Kitchen 1

Bosworth St Kitchen 2

Dining Room with Shiny Hardwoods

Living Room


First Floor Bath

Master Bedroom

Second Floor Bath

Shower panel with BodyJets. Glass Tile Inlay


We’ll be testing the new FHA seasoning rules on this house, as we haven’t owned it anywhere near 90 days, so I’m hoping we won’t hit any snags there.

So, lesson learned here, if you receive multiple offers on one of your houses, don’t let the losing bidders get away… those are “ready to go” buyers, and if you have other inventory try to steer them towards that.

New House Flip – REO Rehab, Bosworth St Springfield

We purchased a new rehab property located at 8 Bosworth St in Springfield MA. This house was an REO that we bid on in early March. We wanted to close in 2 weeks but the bank asked us to push the closing out to a month. This seems to be the norm right now, we always write our offers up for a quick closing and the banks always ask to put the closing out for a month or longer. I guess with the volume of REO’s all these lenders are trying to process they can’t close fast anymore.

This house is a newer colonial (built in 1985) that had some burst pipes which caused a bit of water damage. It also had a real nasty pool that we had to clean up and fill in. We’ll do a new roof, a new kitchen, two new full baths, gut out the water damaged sheetrock and flooring, and add all new plumbing. The second floor bedrooms all had electric heat, so we are going to run a new line off the boiler and add hot water baseboard heat to the second floor.

We closed on this house a little less than two weeks ago and we are making real good progress. All the rough plumbing and electric is done, the sheetrock is up and the guys have started painting.

The nice thing about this house is we already have it sold. A buyer that fell in love with our house on Fullerton St, but was outbid, really wanted to buy one of our houses…. they also wanted to get in contract before the expiration of the tax credit. So we showed them this property when it wasn’t even halfway done and they decided they would take it!

Here’s a look at some of the pictures from this project:

New REO rehab in Springfield MA

8 Bosworth St Springfield MA

Nasty Green Pool

Flip this house Kitchen


First Floor Bathroom

Living Room

Second Floor Bathroom



The first thing we did was drain and fill in the pool. I thought we may be able to save this one because the liner was still good and it was holding water…. but it had some problems with the pump and some of the pipes buried in the concrete were cracked…. so we just filled it in. The good thing is the pool took up the majority of the backyard, so now we have a really nice fenced in backyard.

Heres how it looks now:

Filled in Pool

Filled in Pool


We’ll be testing out FHA’s new guidelines of allowing flips within 90 days of ownership, so we’ll see how that goes.