111 Daviston St Rehab Complete

First off an update on a couple properties. We put 107 Granger St on the market last weekend and received an offer the second day on the market and another the seventh day on the market. We accepted an offer on our Juliette St property over the weekend. The buyer of 9 Juliette St was originally very interested in purchasing our 1892 Parker St property, but was just a few days too late as we had already accepted another offer. We stayed in touch with this buyer, and when Juliette St was complete we got them right over there and they decided to buy that one.

We’ve got quite a few more rehabs finishing up over the next 2 weeks and I’d be ecstatic if they all went as fast as Granger St.

One of our projects that we just finished up is 111 Daviston St in Springfield. This house is officially on the market and ready for a new family.

Here are some pics of the finished project; (you can see all the before pics HERE)

House for Sale Springfield MA

111 Daviston St Springfield MA

Daviston St front entrance

111 Daviston St Springfield For Sale

Living Room w/Fireplace

Dining Room

Daviston St Kitchen

Granite Countertops, 16x16 Tile Floors

Tile Backsplash

Fridgedaire Gallery Stainless Steel Appliances

New Half Bath

Master Bedroom with Gorgeous Hardwoods

Full Bath

Shower Panel with Bodyjets

111 Daviston St Property Update – Short Sale Flip

111 Daviston St Springfield MA

Time for a little pictorial update of our short sale rehab at 111 Daviston St in Springfield. You can see all the before pictures HERE .

Above is how it use to look, here it is after a new roof, new windows, new siding, painted trim and some landscaping…..

111 Daviston

We went with a different color siding on this one. We usually do tan siding with burgundy shutters, but a couple of the neighboring houses already had that color scheme going on, so we used a sage green siding with black shutters.

Inside we are adding a half bath to the first floor, redoing the kitchen and the upstairs full bath, installing all new plumbing and a new heating system.

Here are some photos of the work in progress;

Kitchen Gutted

Kitchen Gutted

New Half Bath

Laundry Hookup in new half bath

Second Floor Full Bath Gutted

Living Room

Main Hallway

We converted the pantry into a half bath and laundry room. This is located right off the kitchen so having the laundry in this location is going to be very convenient.

As of right now all the walls are closed up, everything is painted, the cabinets and granite are in, the hardwoods have been redone, and we are working on the finishing touches.

I’ll post some updated photos of the finished house soon!

New Short Sale Flip – Daviston St

We are as busy as ever right now and things don’t look to be slowing down.

I’ve lost track of how many houses we are rehabbing right now, maybe 8-9. We’ve put the 3 new construction houses on the market in anticipation of finding a buyer first, then we will build to suit based on our rough designs and their preferences.

We have 4 houses under contrat to sell, with the possibilty of both 1892 Parker St and 8 Bosworth St closing today. Also we’ve got 3 houses under contract to buy, with offers out on another 2-3 that look pretty promising.

With all this activity we’ve finally broken down and have looked to start hiring some additional staff. Our immediate needs are to get some of the bookkeeping taken care of, as alot of that stuff has piled up. We’re thinking about hiring some VA’s to help with some of the accounting and maybe getting an intern or two to help with the work load. We’ll see how this goes.

Well, onto one of our latest short sale deals.

I wrote about this house a few months back in a blog post located HERE. It was a real pain in the ass to get this short sale closed as we hit roadblock after roadblock. Some of it was our fault for not doing a more thorough title examination, but the first had agreed to such a nice discount that we refused to let this deal die. We ended up having to pay off a bunch of junior leins and our purchase price got bumped up quite a bit, but the deal still worked.

The main problem with this house was that it had an underground oil tank. We were willing to take the house with the tank still in the ground, but we used this to get the price way down. Underground tanks can be very risky because if they are leaking the costs to remove and clean the contimination can be pretty substantial. We did take a few steps to mitigate our risk, and in the end we got the tank out of the ground with no leaks…. so it didn’t cost us as much as it could of.

On top of the oil tank this house needs alot of work. We are going to do a new roof, new windows, new siding, new driveway, new kitchen, new full bath, add a half bath to the first floor, new plumbing, new heating system, paint, floors, landscaping, etc……

Here are some pictures:

111 Daviston St Springfield

Daviston St Springfield MA

Rear of House, oil tank is under the Concrete Pad

Tank Removed



Living Room


Main Hallway

I’ll post some new pics of this house as we move along.