Freezing My @$$ Off!!

Wow, it was bitterly cold today. The high was 16 but the wind was whipping at 30 mph so it sent a chill right through you…. it was almost unbearable.  Even my little snowdog Teddy couldn’t take it. Usually when I let him out to do his business in the morning he plays in the snow or meanders around sniffing the ground for 20 minutes, not today, he did his thing and raced back inside within a minute and headed straight for my jacket to warm up!! 

Teddy Warming Up

Well, enough complaining about the weather… not much you can do about it anyways, except move down south (Hi Mom and Dad).

So it looks like the two family on Leete St will be the last rehab that we buy in 2009. We’re hoping to close on the sale of 37 Mansfield St before the new year, but I’m not sure thats going to happen. We need the building inspector to sign off on our Certificate of Occupancy in order to close, and he is away on vacation and nobody within the building department seems to know when he is coming back???

Heres a look at Leete St. I don’t have any inside pictures because it is still boarded and I didn’t have my screw gun to get inside. The great thing about this property is that we’ve got a homeless guy living in the shed behind the house…. I’m sure he’s not gonna want to pay us rent so I think we’ll have to evict him!!!

Leete St


This house is located in a section of town we normally don’t buy in, but it was a good deal and we are looking to establish a good business relationship with the private lender who owned the property.