We Buy Houses Easthampton – Sell House Fast for Cash

We Buy Houses Easthampton – Sell House Fast for Cash

No matter your reason for needing to sell we can provide you a fair, reliable, no-obligation cash offer for your house. We are the premiere we buy houses Easthampton company. We buy houses in any condition, area, price range or situation. we buy houses easthampton


Here are advantages of working with Hampden Homebuyers…

  • All cash offer for your house, you don’t even need to clean the property
  • We will close with a local attorney for safe, reliable transaction that protects you fully
  • You’ll experience NO fees or costs
  • You won’t have strangers entering your house, peering under your beds, and opening your cupboards
  • We handle ALL the paperwork with simple, easy-to-understand contracts
  • You will get immediate cash to use however you want •We are Confidential, & Sensitive to All Family Matters — no matter what situation you’re in, you’ll have a warm, safe experience
  • We Provide Simple contracts and explain all things
  • We pay more than other so-called “cash buyers” to ensure you get as much for your property as possible.
  • 12 year proven track history
So please remember that We Buy Houses Easthampton and can offer you the ability to sell your house fast cash.
If you would like to discuss selling a house in Easthampton to an experienced cash house buyer like Hampden Homebuyers; Call us at 413-248-7355 or visit us at HampdenHomebuyers.com and fill out our Sell Your House Fast form and we will get back to you shortly. We are here to Help!!!



Safety Tips on Moving

Move into Your New Home Safely!Safety Tips for moving and selling your house

It’s the big day!  All of the showings, financing calculations, negotiations and stresses that come with buying and selling homes are over.  Keys have changed hands and you are ready to move in!  Here are some helpful hints to remember and make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Before moving a box there are a few things to do to make sure your new house is ready for you.  In the excitement of the closing, many people (and agents as well) overlook utilities.  Be sure that the electric and heating source is on and working properly.  This includes contacting the utility companies and transferring ownership into your name.  Especially if you are moving in the winter, moving into a cold house and hoping the pipes do not freeze is not the best way to spend your first night.

Distribute the weight!  Pack boxes wisely, putting heavy things in smaller boxes increasing the chance that the majority of your helpers can move them without straining.  Each box should not weigh more than 40-50 pounds, depending on your movers.  Insist that large items be carried by more than one person.  It is also a good idea to tape or secure furniture doors or drawers that can swing open when moving to avoid injuring people and furniture alike.  Of course, never bend over to pick up items.  Keep your back straight and lift with your legs to protect your back.

Be sure walkways are clear for any who are helping you move in.  A quick and simple overview of the pathways that movers, friends and family will be navigating is well worth the few extra minutes.  If it is winter, be sure to check walkways for ice and flooring that could become slippery after tracking in snow.  Bring non-slip mats and place them accordingly.  Label places that might cause a trip with something obvious such as yellow tape, sidewalk chalk, or even an old red t-shirt!  Even if the trouble spot is obvious it may be missed when people are carrying items that block their full view.  Keep an emergency kit handy in case of scrapes or bumps, including aspirin and ice packs.

Though an inspection is required before the closing of a property, it is best to double check that all is well.  Make sure that all smoke detectors have power or batteries and are working properly.  If you have children, go over a new fire escape plan before bed.  A new place may be confusing to a little one and in an emergency a few minutes can make a big difference.  Also before bed go over all of the outside entryways to be sure they are locked including basement doors and bulkheads or side garage doors.  These places may be overlooked in your new environment leaving you an easy target for a break-in.

Finally, think comfort.  Wear comfortable clothing, layering for warmth or coolness and sturdy footwear.  No open-toed shoes or heels!  Sacrifice beauty for safety during the work and protect your feet from falling boxes and twisted ankles.  If it is winter, plug the coffee pot in first and brew a fresh pot while the work is being done.  In the summer stock the refrigerator with drinks to be ready when people need them.  A few snacks are greatly appreciated when heavy lifting is involved!  Keep cash on hand to pay for food and to tip the movers if you’ve hired them.

Once you are safely in your new home, enjoy!  The hard work has paid off and life in your new home begins.

We Buy Houses in Western MA!!

Hampden Homebuyers Buys Houses CASH!

Sell Houses Fast

We Buy houses in Western MA!!

Call Hampden Homebuyers today to sell your Western MA house “as is” for cash. We offer fair prices and fast closings!  Call us Now at 413-248-SELL or visit our website www.myhousesoldnow.com or www.hampdenhomebuyers.com!



We Buy Houses in West Springfield and Chicopee

We Buy Houses!We Buy Houses


If you are looking for an experienced, reliable company that will help you take care of your unwanted housing situation once and for all – Look No Further! We Buy Houses

The team at Hampden Homebuyers are experts in the field of buying, selling and restoring houses.  For over 12 years we have been working with people to resolve old inherited houses, those with too many repair problems, or if you simply need to move out – now!  We make it easy with Cash Offers, Fair Prices, and closings that happen faster than with any other traditional real estate company.

Contact us for a free estimate of your home with no obligation.  Still not convinced?  Visit our websites at www.HampdenHomebuyers.com, www.FlippingSmart.com, or www.MyHouseSoldNow.com.  Look at our work and see for yourself!  Your unwanted house problem can be gone in as little as 10 days!!  Call us at 413-248-SELL today!



Tips To Sell Your Chicopee House Fast

How can you sell your Chicopee house fast?

Sell My House Fast


Have you outgrown your home, need to relocate, facing foreclosure or would just like to sell your house fast?  There are a few important things that you can do to speed the process along.

Knowing what your house is worth and pricing it accurately is key to selling your home fast.  Overpricing it will not result in higher offers, or more chances to negotiate for the price you need.  Buyers have many houses that are well priced to choose from.  Once your house is overpriced, and not up to the standards of others in that price range, it will be quickly dismissed from their search.

Marketing your house is also very important.  If buyers don’t know your home is for sale how can they contact you to make offers.  If you are selling your property yourself use online resources to list your house so that as many people see it as possible.  The old fashioned way of putting a sign in the front and putting an ad in the paper is no longer enough.

Be ready!  New house listings get the most attention.  As soon as you put your house on the market be ready to show it, or buyers will simply move on.  Buyers want to see your home within a day of contacting you.  It is also worth the time to de-clutter your house and open up walkways to make the space seem as large as possible.  Spruce up kitchens and bathrooms as much as possible, plug in some air fresheners and keep everything clean!

In trying to sell your house fast, improvements may be out of the question.  However, curb appeal makes a big impression and is easy to do.  Remove all excess debris from the yard and keep the grass nicely cut.  Flowering plants and fresh mulch are inexpensive and a quick project that will greatly improve your home’s appeal.

If you are not using a real estate agent, be sure of your buyers.  Only deal with qualified buyers who will not waste your time.  It may be months before you realize that your buyers are unable to close and you are back at square one.  Be sure of any and all contracts, reviewing everything with your attorney throughout the process.

If you need to sell your Chicopee home fast and don’t want to wait for a traditional buyer, who may not even be qualified, contact Hampden Homebuyers today at 413-241-6859 or visit our website at www.HampdenHomebuyers.com.



SELL it AS-IS the easy way!

Hampden Homebuyers LogoSell your house AS-IS – the easy way!We Buy Houses Springfield

If you have a difficult property that needs a lot of work – too much work, there is a simple solution.  Sell it AS- IS!  No matter what the problems, Hampden Homebuyers can help.

When selling a house in AS-IS condition, you eliminate the complications that come with home inspections and buyers repair requests associated with traditional sales.  With Hampden Homebuyers, even left over belongings are not a problem, we will handle the clean-out.  It couldn’t be easier!

We offer Cash!  Purchasing your house for cash makes things easier in many ways.  There is no need to worry about repairs.  There is no need to worry about long drawn out bank approvals and endless paperwork.  We can choose our own closing date without delays or any waiting for financing to be approved. Closings can happen in as little as 7 days. To make it easier for you, we can even pay for movers – no heavy lifting necessary!

There is NO Obligation!  We will assess your house accurately and insure you a Fair and Reasonable price.  Within 24 hours we can present you with a CASH offer for you house.  Again there is no obligation on your part.  We can move as fast or as slow as you are comfortable.

Hampden Homebuyers has been a reputable and reliable company  since 2003.  We specialize in buying houses in need of repair and major renovations.  No job is too big!

Visit our websites www.HampdenHomebuyers.com or www.MyHouseSoldNow.com to view some of our work!Contact us today at 413-248-SELL to see what we can do for you!




What is My House Worth?

What is my house worth?20 Longview_202

How do you determine your home’s value and keep it as high as possible? If you are planning to sell your home, or even if you are simply considering it,  there are things you can do to make your home more desirable. Here are some simple tips that can affect the selling price of your house.

Research your neighborhood for homes that have recently sold.  These will be a good indication of what the homes in your area are truly selling for.  If you are planning to sell your home, consult a real estate agent.  They will have access to the most accurate information.  If not, there are online resources that anyone can use.  Find as many as you can, at least three, that are similar and located close to your own home.  Consider the location, square footage, number of rooms/bathrooms, lot size, age of the house, etc. and adjust accordingly.

As you will see in your searches, the value of a home increases with important updates. In order to improve your home, keep the kitchen and bathrooms in tip top shape.  Install granite or high quality countertops, paint or refinish cabinets and buy modern appliances.  A new bathroom vanity or refinishing a shower will revive older bathrooms. Throughout the house install new carpet or flooring. Fresh paint on the walls and new, updated light fixtures can really transform and rejuvenate a room.

Any issues with the foundation or the structure of the house itself must be addressed, even if you plan to stay in your home. These problems could be dangerous, stopping buyers in their tracks. Also make sure that the roof is in good condition and that there are no visible signs of problems. You also should check the drywall of your home and identify any cracks that are greater than .25 inches wide or signs of water damage.

The most desirable homes are apparent as soon as they come into view.  Curb appeal is very important when attracting potential buyers. Spending a little on new landscaping would be well worth it.  Maintain the lawn, garden and plants.  De-clutter and remove any trash or debris. Make sure that any siding is clean and maintained. If your house has paint, repair any chips or peeling paint.

Other structures on the property can also influence the value of your home. Swimming pools can be either a detriment or a benefit depending on the buyers. If you have a pool, keep it clean and refreshing looking.  Make sure any ladder locks or gates are in good working order and safe.  A garage, no matter the size, will raise the home’s value as long as it is clutter free and accessible. A fence will appeal to those who want to define property lines or keep their pets and children safe. Be sure all are properly maintained, doors and gates are working easily and looking polished.

No matter the size or style of your house, there are always steps to improve it.  Even small changes can make a big difference when comparing yours to other houses.  Buyers will appreciate a well maintained property that appears clean and cared for, and will pay more for it.

Call Hampden Homebuyers  at 413-248-7355 or visit our website at Hampdenhomebuyers.com, to find out what your house is worth and what a Cash buyer will pay for it in it’s as-is condition.


Why Choose Hampden Homebuyers to Sell Your House Fast?

Why Choose Hampden Homebuyers to Sell Your House Fast?

Sell house Springfield Chicopee

Choose Hampden Homebuyers to sell your house fast!

Hampden Homebuyers specializes in buying houses in Springfield and its surrounding towns with cash in “as is” condition. So if your Springfield area house needs work from minor TLC  to major renovations and repair, contacting Hampden Homebuyers to sell your house fast is a great place to start!

Some who have rough looking properties to sell will first call a Realtor in hopes to sell it fast and avoid the rehab trouble.  The reality is that most Realtors don’t really know how to accurately valuate a property that is in need of major repairs.  It is a challenge, even for those in the business, to see the diamonds in the rough.  Also, buyers for these types of properties are rare because it is difficult to see beyond the dull surface, thus frustrating buyers, sellers, and agents alike.  In listing such a property you run the risk of a long time period on the market.  This is why your first step to selling a property “as is” should be to contact Hampden Homebuyers!

We are professional house buyers who will quickly and accurately assess your unpolished house for the value it truly has.  We will give you a fair priced cash offer within 24 hours of viewing your property. Since we purchase properties with cash there is never a chance of financing falling through and we even allow our sellers to pick their closing dates! Also because we buy and renovate so many houses we are able to give you a fair and accurate price in a very timely manner without the risk of a sale fail!

Sell Your house fast no matter the condition by contacting Hampden Homebuyers today!  Please call 413-248-SELL or visit www.HampdenHomebuyers.com or www.MyHouseSoldNow.com.


*We Buy Houses with Cash

*We Will Pay a Fair Price For Your Property!

*We Buy Houses in “AS IS” Condition!

*Sell Your House Fast in Springfield, Chicopee, Holyoke, East Longmeadow, Wilbraham, Ludlow and surrounding Western MA towns!




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