Best House Flipping Blog ?

Hi Everyone…….. I NEED your Help!!!! is running an awesome contest right now, it is titled “The Best Real Estate Investing Blogs Contest”….. and just like two years ago, our great blog here at has been nominated under the “Best Real Estate Investing Blogs (Individual)” category.

So now I need some help from all our great readers, subscribers and followers.

Please take a minute to go to the contest page; located here: Best Real Estate Investing Blog , and cast a vote for Flipping  All you have to do is go to the contest page, log in under your facebook account and leave a comment saying “I vote for Matt Kearney at” …. that’s it.

Here is the link for the Top House flipping blog contest:

Thank You!!  There are some great blogs nominated and the competition is stiff, but with all your help I think we can win!

Also you can check out our company website and “We Buy Houses” site.

Best Real Estate Investing Blogs

Hello Blog Followers and Avid Readers,


Just wanted to make a quick post to let you all know that we are in the running for the Best Real Estate Investing blog over at

There are some great blogs in the running and the competition is stiff…. but with all your votes and support I think we can WIN!!!!!!!


Go Here: and make sure you vote for us; Flipping Smart, in the “Up and Coming” blog category.


If we win REIClub is gonna give us 10 REIClub Expert Interview Sets that I can give away to our subscribers…… so make sure you go HERE and vote!!!!





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Top Real Estate Investing Blogs of 2011

Well isn’t this awesome, we made another Top Blog List!!!

Althea Robinson with held a little contest with her readers to vote for the top Real Estate blogs of 2011. She had some fantastic sites on their and the competition was stiff, but I’m happy to say that we made the cut.

She posted all the results on her blog page at


Check it out here:   Top Real Estate Investing Blogs of 2011


There are some great blogs on there to add to your “must read” list!!!