Finished Renovation – 115 South St Chicopee

We finished up another great renovation in the wonderful city of Chicopee. We bought this Chicopee home a couple months back and have been cranking out the rehab.

This property is definitely a bit outside our norm; it is a condo, of which we hadn’t done any condo renovations until about 9-10 months ago. On top of that this is a 601 sq. ft. 1 bedroom condo ……. again, not your typical rehab project!!

The unit had been rented for years and needed a pretty significant rehab.

We did an amazing first class kitchen remodel, updated the bath, new flooring, fresh paint and a host of other awesome improvements.

Here are the photos of our fully renovated Chicopee condominium.  (Click on the small thumbnail to pull up the large photos!)

So there it is, our little 1 bedroom condo, all decked out to the nines!!

We went with a lighter color kitchen cabinet , instead of the typical cherry or java that we usually do, to make the space appear larger. The dark cabinets, while rich and very appealing, can make a small space feel even smaller.


The previous owner of this unit had been through the ringer with the tenant and did not want to keep or renovate the home. She wanted to sell her chicopee house fast and contacted us looking for a quick, “as-is” sale. We bought the house with cash and closed within a couple weeks….. no inspections, as is sale, and no commissions.  She was as happy as could be!!