REO Rehab Complete – 53 Fullerton St Finished and Staged

We are working overtime trying to finish up a couple properties in order to beat the first time buyer tax credit deadline. I’m hoping their are lots of last minute shoppers out there who will be out looking for a new home over the next 7 days.

First up on the list is 53 Fullerton St. This was our first ever MLS/REO purchase. It seems hard to believe that over the last couple years, with all the deals we have done, we had never bought off the MLS. I was trained as an investor to market for deals and work directly with sellers…. this is our preferred method of doing deals as there is usually no competition and better deals can be made. However, with the flood of foreclosures, I couldn’t ignore the REO’s anymore. You have to be aggressive, and quick with your offers when working REO’s. It’s true that the well priced ones will go very fast, usually with multiple offers. So there’s always competition, which will limit your profit potential, but good deals can be had. As a matter of fact, we bought two REO’s last week and got an offer accepted on a third!

OK, back to Fullerton St. We did new siding, new windows, a new kitchen, 2 new full baths, new electric, new plumbing, a new boiler and a new driveway. This house had a very funky second floor bathroom. It was one of those ones where the tub was built right into the slope of the roof line. In order to take a shower you either had to be a midget, or kneel in the tub because there was absolutely no head room due to the slope of the roof. We corrected this by extending the bathroom out into the main hallway. We pushed the main hallway over, taking some space from a bedroom and a small closet. This allowed us to move the tub out of the roof line and gave us a functional shower and tub.  

Onto the pictures; (you can see the before pictures HERE)

House for sale Fullerton St Springfield MA

53 Fullerton St Springfield MA

Home for sale springfield MA

Fullerton St Springfield MA

Staged Kitchen

Fullerton Kitchen, Stainless Appliances

Cabinets and breakfast bar top facing Dining Room

House for sale 53 Fullerton St

Fancy Built In Fridge, Tile Countertop

Dining Room with Breakfast Bar to Kitchen

Dining Room

Living Room with nice shiny Hardwood Floors

Living Room looking at Staircase

First Floor Bathroom Tub and Shower panel staged

First Floor Bathroom Vanity

53 Fullerton St Bedroom

New Second Floor Tub that we Moved out of the Roof Line

Flipped house bathroom

Second Floor Bathroom

New Boiler


Damn…. this place shines!!!! It has 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths and 1500 square feet. I really like the floorplan of this house as it has a great flow to it. We enhanced this by removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room, creating that great open feel and adding the breakfast bar.

We’ve got two more going on the market so I’ll post some updates and photos of those soon.

Bootcamp and New REO Deal

We just spent the last 5 days at a Raising Private Money bootcamp in Denver and we had a great time. The event was put on by my friends at Fortune Builders. We learned alot of info, met some great people and made quite a few new business contacts.

Now it’s back to work……

We closed on our first ever REO/MLS purchase last week. Working with the bank and closing the deal went very smooth. This property does need work, we are going to be installing new siding, new windows, adding a new kitchen and redoing both bathrooms. The major problem with this property is the way the second floor bathroom is layed out. They built the tub into the sloping roof line of the house, so if you are over 5 foot 6 there isn’t enough head room to take a shower. To fix this we are going to be gutting the bathroom and rearranging the layout to make it more functional.

Here are some pictures of the house;


Front View


Rear View






First Floor Bath


Living Room


Living Room 2


Dining Room


Second Floor Bathroom


Second Floor Tub built into Roof Line


Bedroom 1


Bedroom 2


Bedroom 3

 This house has 4 Bedrooms 2 Full Baths and 1,500 square feet.  It has a really nice floor plan and is gonna look great once we’re done with the renovation.