51 Crystal Ave – Reloaded

Check out our new property for sale in Springfield. This home has been updated and refreshed too impress. We re-released this bad boy to the marketplace with fresh paint, fresh photos and fresh staging.

Take a look at the old finish work and photos right here: 51 Crystal old photos ………


Now have a gander at the amazing new shots below and let me know which ones you like better! (**click on the small thumbnail photos to bring up the large gallery view for an upclose and personal look**)



The old pics were pretty dark, boring and bland.

The new pics are bright, eye catching and inspiring.

Kind of makes you wanna jump up out of your seat and make an offer!!


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Rehab Complete – 51 Crystal Ave Springfield MA

Our rehab of 51 Crystal Ave in Springfield is now complete. This house was a full gut rehab and came out very nice.

Check out the photos and see for yourself!! (You can see the awesome before pics HERE)

House for Sale

51 Crystal Ave Springfield MA

51 Crystal Ave

Rear of House

Kitchen w/ Cherry Cabinets

Open Dining Room/Living Room

Breakfast Bar

View down hallway to front door

First Floor Half Bath

Stairway with Stained Glass Window

Full Bath - 2nd Floor

Tiled Tub Surround, Inlay and Shower Panel


Finished Third Floor Loft


51 Crystal Ave – House Renovation Update

Last time I showed you our property on Crystal Ave in Springfield it was being gutted down to the studs.

It is now nearly complete and we will be putting it on the market shortly. This house was a full gut and we are doing new everything… roof, siding, windows, mechanicals, kitchen, bathrooms, floors, third floor expansion, driveway…. you get the picture; everything.

It’s definitely going to be the best house on the street by far. It’s in a part of the city that we don’t do alot of houses in, so selling something in this area will be a new experience for us.

I just realized right now that I never put up any before pics of this house… only some demo pics. So I’m going to post some before pics here. This house was really nasty and you’ll get a sense as to why we chose to do a full gut. I will also post some pics I took of the house from last week as we are getting close to finishing.

Here are the before pics;

51 Crystal Ave Springfield MA Before

Kitchen pic 1

Kitchen pic 2

Hallway leading into Kitchen

Dining Room

Living Room with Spooky writing on the wall

Weird Fake Fireplace in Living Room

First Floor Half Bath

Second Floor Full Bath


Third Floor Attic

Some houses you walk into, take a look around, realize that there isn’t anything worth saving, and you just say “OK, lets gut it”. This was one of them….

Now time for some pictures that are a little more pretty. We removed quite a few walls from the first floor to give this house a great open floor plan.

51 Crystal Ave Springfield MA

Crystal Ave Springfield MA house for sale

New Kitchen Cabinets being installed

Kitchen Breakfast Bar looking into Dining Room

View of Living and Dining Room with Walls Removed

Dining Room

Living Room

View from Front Door looking into Kitchen, Living room and Dining Room

A look at the Staircase leading to 2nd Floor

Check out the Nice Stained Glass Window

Converted 3rd Floor Space

Third Floor Space

View looking down the Stairs from the 3rd floor loft

The converted third floor is coming out very cool. We moved and rebuilt the staircase going up there and made it all open…. almost like a loft. This space could be used as a fourth bedroom, office, den, etc…..

Allright, so this one should be finishing up within a few days. We will stage it and get it for sale. I’ll post some pics of the fully rehabbed house when we’re done.

-Happy Flipping!!

Probate Deal and Top 20 Real Estate Investing Blogs

Alot of you are probably familiar with the site BiggerPockets.com. It’s a great real estate investing site that features forums, articles and an awesome community. Joshua Dorkin, who runs Biggerpockets, recently put together a list of the Top 20 Real Estate Investing Blogs, and I’m proud to say that our FlippingSmart.com made the list!!! There are alot of good blogs on there, many of which I visit regularly, so make sure you check it out.

Things are still cranking along with all our various rehabs. I think we are renovating 8 houses right now, with another two ready for construction. 

One of the jobs underway is a probate deal that we picked up a few weeks back, located at 51 Crystal Ave. This house was referred to us by an agent that we’ve bought quite a few properties from. We actually put the house under contract back in March, but we had to wait for the probate process to be completed, which took about another 3 months.

This is another gem. It had been vacant for several years and all the mechanicals were shot. We are going to be doing a complete rehab of the house, both the interior and exterior. It will get a new roof, new siding, new windows, new electric, new plumbing, new heating, new insulation, new sheetrock, 2 new baths, new kitchen, etc….. We are also going to be changing the layout a bit to make the third floor more accessible and to better utilize all the square footage within the house.

Now, I coulda sworn I took some before photos of this house, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. When I went back to get some the guys had alreay started the demo and the new roof was being put on…. so here are some pictures of Crystal Ave after a couple days of work….. Enjoy

51 Crystal Ave

Crystal Ave

The house looks like it’s brick… but it’s not. Thats a faux brick siding that they use to use back in the day. I think it’s made out of asphalt, like roof shingles. You can see in these pictures above that we already have the old roof ripped off and the new plywood is up.

There was a porch off the back of the house that we ripped off because it was falling down and unsafe. You can get a better look at that fake brick siding in this picture. 


Above is a look at the kitchen, which has been mostly gutted out.

First Floor Half Bath

Second Floor Full Bath

Second Floor Full Bath Gutted

Living Room


Master Bedroom

Dining Room

Stained Glass Window


This house is 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths with about 1,400 square feet. We’re gonna add some additional square footage and another bedroom. We bought this property for $25,000.