New Year brings New Deals

Happy New year Y’all!!!

2010 was a good year for us here at Hampden Homebuyers. We bought somewhere between 24-27 properties…. I kind of lost track and can’t remember the exact number!!!

We have pretty high goals for 2011 and look to come out of the gate running here in January.

Did you set your goals for the New Year? If not you better get cracking on that… don’t wait another day cause before you know it it will be June and you’ll be wondering where half the year went!


In my previous post I talked about a few new deals that we recently picked up towards the end of 2010. We made videos of all of them and I need to put up some pics….. so here goes;

First up is 61 Eton St Springfield.

This is a large 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath home that has over 2,000 square feet.

The exterior needed a lot of attention, mainly the roof, siding and windows. Inside the house was very dated…. this was grandma’s house so there was a ton of wallpaper, ugly carpeting, and a general 1950’s-1960’s feel to the interior.


We made a little video of some of the progress over at Eton St…. check it out below;



Here are some before pics for you to marvel at;

61 Eton St Springfield

Side of the House


This style of house has a real long roof line, and the roof shows very prominent from the street. We call these colonials or bungalows around here, but they look a lot like the craftsman style that you see in other areas of the country.

The house was filled with tons of trash and clutter inside. They even left a gorgeous yellow piano…. check it out;

Yellow Piano


If any of you guys want this let me know, otherwise it’s probably going in the dumpster!!

Living Room

Dining Room


Kitchen Hallway

Foyer - aka Waste of Space

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Full Bath

Pink Tub!!!!!!!!!!!



So there it is… another Gem!!! Man I don’t know where we find some of these places? Look at all that trash!! Looks like that TV show hoarders!



We have quite a few new projects underway that I’ll be posting about shortly, so keep your eyes peeled for those new posts!!