Maximizing Your Quick Cash House Sale Benefits in Springfield, Chicopee, Holyoke

Maximizing Your Quick Cash House Sale Benefits in Springfield, Chicopee and Holyoke

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Selling your Springfield house for cash may sound like a good idea to you, but how can you maximize your quick cash sale benefits?


Many homeowners are benefitting from house cash sales. In fact, in many markets, cash for home sales are reaching a very high percentage of sales. One can sell a Chicopee or Springfield house quickly, for example, a trend that is growing. We’ve listed here ways to maximize your benefits of a quick cash sale.


Forego the Renovations. Many real estate investors will buy your house for cash regardless of the property’s condition. You may be able to save a tidy sum by avoiding costly repairs, renovations and upgrades that may not add significantly to the value of your property by selling it “as is”. Selling “as is” also speeds up the sales cycle, putting money in your pocket now that you can use for other purposes immediately.

Don’t Pay Unnecessary Fees. One advantage of a house cash sale is the ability to avoid fees and commissions associated with traditional real estate sales. You should not have to dig into your pocket for fees, and certainly not commissions, for a house cash sale. Select an offer from an experienced, local real estate investor that offers low or no fees.


Get it in Writing. Protect yourself by getting a written contract with guaranteed payment. Read the fine print of the contract and clarify any questions before signing. If you are still unsure, consult an attorney.  Real estate deals involve a lot of money, so ensure you are protected. If a real estate investor offers you a deal without a contract or without clauses that protect your interests, walk away.


Get Your Cash Now. House cash deals should be fast deals. A big advantage of a cash house deal is that you avoid the time associated with listing with a realtor, putting your house on the market and waiting for buyers to qualify for a loan. The cash you realize from a house cash sale can start working for you immediately. Whether you intend to use the cash to pay off debts or for other investment opportunities, the sooner you have it in the bank the better. Don’t accept a sale condition that requires a waiting period. Ensure you will receive your money at the time of sale.


A Springfield house cash sale can provide the seller with distinct advantages. Paying attention  to a few details can help maximize the benefits of a quick cash deal.


Could you benefit from a quick cash house sale?
Call Hampden Homebuyers now at 413-248-SELL to get a quick cash sale for your Springfield, Chicopee, Holyoke house…. or fill out our “Sell Your House Fast” form to get the process started quickly!!


Sell my House in Springfield or Chicopee?

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Sell House Springfield / Chicopee~~~ SHOULD I SELL MY HOUSE IN SPRINGFIELD?

Do you need to sell a house in Springfield, MA metro area? We Buy houses in AS IS condition, contact Hampden Homebuyers today. You can now contact Hampden Homebuyers through a variety of different websites that we have built to help us better connect with Springfield area home sellers who need to sell their house fast!

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How to Sell Your Springfield House (Very) Quickly

How to Sell Your Springfield, Chicopee or Holyoke House (Very) Quickly


Last week I reviewed estate houses and why it’s often best to sell the house quickly in “as-is” condition in “Should You Sell Your (Inherited) Estate House As-Is?”.   And, if you need more reasons why you are likely to realize in hindsight that it would have been better to sell your Springfield house for cash right away, please see my several earlier blog posts on “inherited houses”.



This week I’m going to give you a list of ways to sell off your estate house, or your current home, or any unwanted real estate, without any cash investment or repairs on your part, within a matter of a very few weeks – even days.



Here is a quick look at how “cash-buying” or “selling for cash” works, regardless of how you do it.

  • The process is fast because the buyer is a knowledgeable professional who has seen it all and is accepting the property just as it is today.
  • The buyer pays cash so there is no delay to arrange bank financing.
  • Unlike an ordinary home-buyer, there are no requests to the seller to fix anything.
  • Once the professional buyer visits the property and does his/her own inspection, shortly thereafter he/she makes a firm cash offer, and is ready to close on acceptance.
  • The seller does little but accept an offer, sign the deal and walk away with the cash.How do you find a reputable professional cash buyers in the greater Springfield area to take this house off your hands now?
    • An online search will quickly turn up cash buyers in your area.
    • Go to a local Real Estate Investor’s Club meeting to offer your property for sale and get information. You’ll receive valuable leads and advice, and perhaps some offers.
    • Wholesalers can put together deals quickly, and may be found through Real Estate Investor’s Clubs and sometimes through internet searches.
    • Terms such as renovations and fix-and-flipcan also help turn up cash buyers.



    How can you know you are dealing with a reputable company?

    • Look for a company with a long track record – Hampden Homebuyers has been buying houses cash in the greater Springfield and Chicopee area for over 10 years.
    • Ask others that have sold a house quickly for referrals – in business referrals are a great way to find what you are looking for. We pride ourselves on doing what we say and keeping our word, and have many happy customers that refer us to friends and family when they have a Springfield house to sell fast.



    Reputable professional cash buyers work with people in your situation every day. They have structured their business, as I have with Hampden Homebuyers, LLC , to fill a gap in the real estate market when an owner with little or no cash to put into a house needs to move it on quickly. They will let you leave with cash and without the headaches and heartaches of the traditional selling process for a house needing a lot of work.


    To sell your Springfield area estate house or unwanted property very quickly, please call Hampden Homebuyers at 413-248-SELL, or visit our website now and complete the “Sell Your House Quick” form to get the ball rolling!!

Renovated Ludlow Home – The Ugly Before

Wow, now here is a house that was trashed.

Check out the ugly before photos of our recent completed house rehab in Ludlow.


Ludlow before Rehab

Ludlow before Rehab

Ludlow home For Sale

Ludlow home For Sale

Living Room

Living Room

Dining Room - Trashed

Dining Room – Trashed

Kitchen - Before

Kitchen – Before







Another Bedroom

Another Bedroom






This place was really nasty. It was one of those houses that made you want to run home and take a shower after being in there.

To see the completed renovation check out this link: Renovated Ludlow MA Home For Sale

Here at Hampden Homebuyers, as a Springfield MA We Buy Houses company, we come across all sorts of properties and situations. Buying and renovating houses like this is our specialty, and we do it every day of the week!!


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P.S.S.   Want to learn to flip houses like a pro; check out our real estate investing Mastery Coaching program. We’ve teamed up with Than Merrill from A&E’s Flip this House to offer this amazing coaching program. Check it out here:


I Just Inherited A House….Why Should I Call Hampden HomeBuyers?

I just inherited a house, but I have no idea what to do with it and even if I did I really have no idea what the probate process is? This is the exact thought that goes through anyone’s head that has been in the situation of inheriting a property. The process of liquidating all of the assets that a person leaves behind and paying off any debts is called Probate. Now even if there was a Will a Probate case will still need to opened with a Probate Attorney in order to make sure that any creditors can come forward with a claim for any money that may have been owed to them. So getting in touch with an Attorney would be the first step in beginning to deal with this process. Once that has taken place you will be informed by the Attorney how long the Probate case will need to be open (generally that time period is 4 months), which basically means how long until all of the remaining assets can be split up amongst the beneficiaries. At this point if the decision of the beneficiaries is to sell any property left behind, it would be in their best interest to begin trying to find a buyer.

The problem that often occurs with trying to find a buyer for Probate real estate, is that generally the houses are either in varying degrees of disrepair or they are very outdated. Both of these things can really deter an owner occupant financed buyer who would be looking for a house that they and their family can move into. If the house is in need of a lot of repair often times it will not even be financiable, which means most buyers could not even buy it if they wanted to. Also if the house needs to be completely updated it can often be very unappealing to an owner occupied buyer because there is just too much work for them to handle. This is when calling Hampden Homebuyers to sell Probate real estate can make your life very easy! Hampden Homebuyers specializes in buying houses that are in need of minor TLC & updating to major renovation & repair, and in addition we buy with cash so there is never any chance of financing falling through. We will also close on the date of your choice, which can really help when probate paperwork doesn’t get completed on time or when its supposed to (which happens a lot).

By contacting Hampden Homebuyers you don’t have to worry about cleaning out the property, completing any repairs, finding a realtor, dealing with picky buyers, having financing falling through and the list goes on and on. We make selling property easy, which in most probate situations is exactly what the beneficiaries are looking for. In addition we are able to close on the date of your choice and pay you a fair price for the property! If you have just inherited a house and are either looking to sell it or just don’t really know where to start with the entire process….then contact Hampden Homebuyers today so that we can help. We work closely with a large number of Probate attorneys who we will gladly refer you to for assistance in dealing with the probate while at the same time we can present you with a cash offer for any real property within 24 hours!

Hampden Homebuyers purchases a large number of houses out of probate each and every month in the greater Springfield area, and the reason for that is because we make selling your probate house a very simple & easy process! Contact us today to learn more about the probate process or to get a list of clients and probate attorney’s who have used our services and have nothing but great things to say about how we do business!

Sell your Probate property fast and in “as is” condition! Call us at 413-241-6859 or fill out our “sell your house fast form” to get the ball rolling.

We buy probate and inherited houses fast for cash in Chicopee, Springfield, Holyoke, Agawam, West Springfield, Southwick, Longmeadow, East Longmeadow, Wilbraham, South Hadley, Westfield, Ludlow and surrounding towns

Tornado House Update – Springfield House Flip

We’ve been banging away at the new tornado damaged house in Springfield.

Our guys were there all last week getting the demo done and prepping for the new roof to go on. We’ve got to completely rebuild the roof and we will be adding some new soffits and overhangs to the roofline.

Inside all the damaged sheetrock has been removed and we also pulled up all the damaged hardwoods.

We’ll be rearranging the floorplan a bit by removing the wall between the living room and kitchen/dining room area. We are also going to alter the current kitchen layout to make some more space and make the flow more functional.

Here’s some pics of the demo work:



Living Room

Wall to be Removed Between Living Room and Kitchen

Master Bedroom Gutted


Dining Area

Living Room II



As we started taking up the hardwoods we found a lot of the subfloor underneath was bad, so we are going to be  replacing some large sections of subfloor also.

Well that’s all the updates for now. I’ll post some new pics as we get more exterior work done.


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Merry Christmas and Happy House Flipping

Just wanted to wish all our blog readers, subscribers and followers a very merry Christmas.

Here’s my dog Teddy doing his best Santa impersonation:

Santa Claws


Best wishes to all and lets have an awesome 2012!!


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