Tornado House Update – Springfield House Flip

We’ve been banging away at the new tornado damaged house in Springfield.

Our guys were there all last week getting the demo done and prepping for the new roof to go on. We’ve got to completely rebuild the roof and we will be adding some new soffits and overhangs to the roofline.

Inside all the damaged sheetrock has been removed and we also pulled up all the damaged hardwoods.

We’ll be rearranging the floorplan a bit by removing the wall between the living room and kitchen/dining room area. We are also going to alter the current kitchen layout to make some more space and make the flow more functional.

Here’s some pics of the demo work:



Living Room

Wall to be Removed Between Living Room and Kitchen

Master Bedroom Gutted


Dining Area

Living Room II



As we started taking up the hardwoods we found a lot of the subfloor underneath was bad, so we are going to be  replacing some large sections of subfloor also.

Well that’s all the updates for now. I’ll post some new pics as we get more exterior work done.


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  1. You guy’s aren’t even finished with it and it looks so much better! keep up the good work!

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