New House Flip — Bruce St Rehab Underway

We are starting up another fun filled rehab project!!!

I’ve been after the Bruce St property for about 4 years. This house is a total piece of crap, so I don’t even know what possessed me to pursue this dump… but I was working with the owner for awhile and got no where, finally the bank took it back and we were able to buy it as an REO. The cool thing about this house, like our Fullerton St properties, is that it came with an extra building lot.

As always, this house is in need of some minor TLC. It’s not too bad, we just have to tear the roof off the house, fully gut the interior, tear out and rebuild two foundation walls, do all new mechanicals (plumbing, heating system, electrical), raise the whole second floor roof line a couple feet, install new siding and windows, etc…….. You know, your typical “paint and carpet” type rehab!!! Lol

So here are some pictures of this gem . Another Hampden Homebuyers special!!!

Bruce St Springfield MA

38 Bruce St

Side View Bruce St

Extra Lot

Bruce St Garage

Living Room

View into Dining Room

Dining Room


First Floor Bathroom

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Awesome Blue Bathroom

Blue Second Floor Bathroom

Cracking Foundation Wall

The house has been empty for over 5 years and definitely needs some sprucing up and redecorating.

The sad thing is a house in this condition no longer even phases me. Most buyers would walk into this place and want to run out screaming… or they would walk through and get very depressed, thinking how could someone let a house get so damn nasty!!

Our first step was to take the roof off the house. We did this because the second floor ceilings were just a little over 6 feet high, which is not very functional. I think minimum code nowadays for ceiling height within living space is 7 ft 6 in.

Here are some cool pics from demo day… get your Hard Hats!!!!

Start of Bruce St Demolition

Tearing More Off!!

Dominic Enjoying the View

Dom Flexing his Muscles

This Can't be Safe

The Roof Collapsing Around Me

I Made it to the Top!!!

Almost Losing My Balance.... Don't Try this at Home!!!!

Fork Lift in Action

Our Contractor Jason Moving my Car

Tearing off the Garage Addition

Garage Addition going Bye Bye

Roof All Gone!!!

Job Well Done

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So what do you think? Looks like fun doesn’t it??

64 Fullerton St, Rehab Complete – House Flip Update

Last week we sold our almost new construction rehab at 9 Juliette St in Chicopee MA. We found this buyer just two weeks back and he was willing to pay cash for the property so we were able to get it closed up real quick. Our buyer did want some changes made to the house so we had our contractor Jason busting his ass to get them done in a very tight time frame. All in all it was a pretty good deal. We did take a slight discount on our asking price due to the “cash” status of our buyer…. but when your buyer gives a non-refundable $10k deposit and wants to close in 2 weeks you become a bit more flexible as a seller.

Now onto some ongoing projects;

Our 64 Fullerton St rehab is complete and now on the market.

This property was a full interior gut renovation with new electrical, new plumbing, new heating system, new kitchen, adding a half bath, installing all new windows, adding insulation, new sheetrock, new paint and all new flooring. The outside needed alot of landscaping and tree clearing, but it did have a new roof and good siding when we purchased the home.

We did have to do some major work to the 2 car garage. This consisted of tearing off a falling down addition, siding the garage and doing a new roof on the garage.

Overall I think we spent a little over $50k on the renovations…. and the house came out awesome, as usual.

Check out the video and photos we did of 64 Fullerton St. (You can see all the before pics HERE)

64 Fullerton St Springfield MA For Sale

64 Fullerton St - Flip this House

64 Fullerton Garage - House for Sale Springfield MA

64 Fullerton Kitchen

New Stainless Steel Appliances, Tile Countertop and Backsplash

16x16 tile floor, New Birch Cabinets... nicely staged!!


Breakfast Bar. Dining room looking into kitchen

Dining room with Bamboo Flooring

Living Room with Hardwood Bamboo Flooring

New First Floor Half Bath

Second Floor Full Bath with tile floor and Mocha euro style vanity

Tile tub surround with glass block inlay and body jet shower panel

Bedroom with new Berber carpet and new windows

New Boiler, Water Heater and Plumbing

Rehab Complete – 51 Crystal Ave Springfield MA

Our rehab of 51 Crystal Ave in Springfield is now complete. This house was a full gut rehab and came out very nice.

Check out the photos and see for yourself!! (You can see the awesome before pics HERE)

House for Sale

51 Crystal Ave Springfield MA

51 Crystal Ave

Rear of House

Kitchen w/ Cherry Cabinets

Open Dining Room/Living Room

Breakfast Bar

View down hallway to front door

First Floor Half Bath

Stairway with Stained Glass Window

Full Bath - 2nd Floor

Tiled Tub Surround, Inlay and Shower Panel


Finished Third Floor Loft


51 Crystal Ave – House Renovation Update

Last time I showed you our property on Crystal Ave in Springfield it was being gutted down to the studs.

It is now nearly complete and we will be putting it on the market shortly. This house was a full gut and we are doing new everything… roof, siding, windows, mechanicals, kitchen, bathrooms, floors, third floor expansion, driveway…. you get the picture; everything.

It’s definitely going to be the best house on the street by far. It’s in a part of the city that we don’t do alot of houses in, so selling something in this area will be a new experience for us.

I just realized right now that I never put up any before pics of this house… only some demo pics. So I’m going to post some before pics here. This house was really nasty and you’ll get a sense as to why we chose to do a full gut. I will also post some pics I took of the house from last week as we are getting close to finishing.

Here are the before pics;

51 Crystal Ave Springfield MA Before

Kitchen pic 1

Kitchen pic 2

Hallway leading into Kitchen

Dining Room

Living Room with Spooky writing on the wall

Weird Fake Fireplace in Living Room

First Floor Half Bath

Second Floor Full Bath


Third Floor Attic

Some houses you walk into, take a look around, realize that there isn’t anything worth saving, and you just say “OK, lets gut it”. This was one of them….

Now time for some pictures that are a little more pretty. We removed quite a few walls from the first floor to give this house a great open floor plan.

51 Crystal Ave Springfield MA

Crystal Ave Springfield MA house for sale

New Kitchen Cabinets being installed

Kitchen Breakfast Bar looking into Dining Room

View of Living and Dining Room with Walls Removed

Dining Room

Living Room

View from Front Door looking into Kitchen, Living room and Dining Room

A look at the Staircase leading to 2nd Floor

Check out the Nice Stained Glass Window

Converted 3rd Floor Space

Third Floor Space

View looking down the Stairs from the 3rd floor loft

The converted third floor is coming out very cool. We moved and rebuilt the staircase going up there and made it all open…. almost like a loft. This space could be used as a fourth bedroom, office, den, etc…..

Allright, so this one should be finishing up within a few days. We will stage it and get it for sale. I’ll post some pics of the fully rehabbed house when we’re done.

-Happy Flipping!!

151 Bowdoin St Update – Historic House Rehab

151 Bowdoin Before

Our historic house on Bowdoin St is a few weeks out from completion.

The outside is mostly done and it looks really amazing!!! I’m liking the color combination that we chose. We went with a sage green for the main body, an off white creamy kinda color for the trim, and a burgundy for all the accents. Check it out; (you can see all the before pictures HERE)

151 Bowdoin St Springfield MA

151 Bowdoin Rear View

151 Bowdoin St Front

The lighting wasn’t the best when I took these pics, but it still looks good!!

Your going to have to wait for interior photos because I haven’t taken any of those yet.

Dorothy Ave Sold, Fullerton St Interior Update

35 Dorothy Ave Chicopee MA complete

We sold our 35 Dorothy Ave rehab on Monday. This was a short sale that we purchased back at the end of April/early May. The rehab was pretty easy and took just under 30 days. We put the house on the market in June and got an offer in 1 day! The biggest challenge we had with this deal was in working with the new buyers lender. They wouldn’t waive the 90 day FHA seasoning requirements so we had to wait the 90 days to sign the P&S and to be able to close. This cost us a little bit of time but it wasn’t too bad.

All in all this was a really smooth deal, even the short sale negotiations to purchase the house went real quick.

You can see the before pictures HERE and the after pictures HERE.

Now onto an interior update for 64 Fullerton St.

64 Fullerton St Springfield MA

In my last post I showed you how the house looked inside after we had gutted it out. Well I took some more recent photos of the interior as we are starting the finish work there. All the sheetrock is up, everything is painted, and we are starting down the home stretch.

Here’s how she looks:

Kitchen looking from main hallway

Kitchen looking from Dining Room

Living Room

Dining Room


Tub waiting to be Tiled


Pretty soon this one will be done, then it’s time to stage it and bring it to the market!

House Flip Update: 64 Fullerton St

The 64 Fullerton St project is moving right along.

We had to do quite a bit of yard work and tree removal to this property. There were a number of large trees surrounding the house, yard and garage that we removed. You can see some of them in the pictures below:

64 Fullerton with Trees

Trees overhanging Fullerton

Trees on Garage

Our landscaper and contractor spent a long weekend playing Lumberjack and took them all down. It really makes a big difference…. check out the pictures below:

Fullerton with trees gone

64 Fullerton St Springfield MA

Lots of Fire Wood

All Clear

Stumps from Trees

The majority of the exterior work is now done. Along with the tree removal we put in a new driveway, sided and roofed the garage, tore off the addition on the garage, and added some new garage doors.

Here’s how it looked yesterday when I was at the house.

64 Fullerton Exterior Nearly Complete

64 Fullerton St

We didn’t have to do siding or a roof on the main house, we were able to just powerwash it and put some new shutters on the house.

The inside is almost complete now too. Below are some photos of when we first gutted the house out and the plumbers and electricians were doing there rough ins. You can see all the before pictures HERE.

Living Room

Dining Room


New Half Bath Framed In

Master Bedroom

We should be finishing up the interior work on this one pretty soon so I’ll post some more pics as we wrap that up.

Another Fun Full Gut Rehab

We started work on an awesome new project located at 64 Fullerton St. This house sits right across the street from our rehab we completed and sold at 53 Fullerton St.

We purchased both properties as REO’s. The nice thing about both Fullerton properties is that they each came with additional building lots that we were able to subdivide off.  53 Fullerton had 1 extra lot on the right hand side of the house. 64 Fullerton has 2 additional building lots, one located on each side of the house. Our plan is to find a buyer or 3 and build some new houses on our lots. 

From the outside Fullerton doesn’t look like a bad house. It has newer vinyl siding and a new roof…. but once you get inside it is a different story, the house is pretty nasty. Everything inside the house is old, dirty and looks like crap, so we are going to gut it out and make it look nice!

The plan is to do all new electric, new heating system, new driveway, new plumbing, add a half bath to the first floor, new kitchen, new full bath, and rearrange the floorplan both upstairs and downstairs. We will also be redoing the giant 2 car garage that sits detached from the house.

Here’s a look at our before pictures:

64 Fullerton St


Addition off Side of Garage

Kitchen pic 1

Kitchen Pic 2

Living Room

Living Room

Dining Room

Full Bath

Tub - 2nd Floor

Bedroom 1

Green Slime Bedroom

Living Room