Dorothy Ave Sold, Fullerton St Interior Update

35 Dorothy Ave Chicopee MA complete

We sold our 35 Dorothy Ave rehab on Monday. This was a short sale that we purchased back at the end of April/early May. The rehab was pretty easy and took just under 30 days. We put the house on the market in June and got an offer in 1 day! The biggest challenge we had with this deal was in working with the new buyers lender. They wouldn’t waive the 90 day FHA seasoning requirements so we had to wait the 90 days to sign the P&S and to be able to close. This cost us a little bit of time but it wasn’t too bad.

All in all this was a really smooth deal, even the short sale negotiations to purchase the house went real quick.

You can see the before pictures HERE and the after pictures HERE.

Now onto an interior update for 64 Fullerton St.

64 Fullerton St Springfield MA

In my last post I showed you how the house looked inside after we had gutted it out. Well I took some more recent photos of the interior as we are starting the finish work there. All the sheetrock is up, everything is painted, and we are starting down the home stretch.

Here’s how she looks:

Kitchen looking from main hallway

Kitchen looking from Dining Room

Living Room

Dining Room


Tub waiting to be Tiled


Pretty soon this one will be done, then it’s time to stage it and bring it to the market!


  1. Dorothy Ave came out great … the buyers must be quite happy. Did the lender state any particular reason why they wouldn’t waive the 90-day seasoning requirement?

    • Hi Zac,

      Even though FHA waived the 90 day seasoning requirements not all individual lenders followed suit, we just happened to run into one who still required the 90 day seasoning.

      The mortgage broker worked hard to have everything lined up so once the 90 days passed everything would go very smoothly…. which it did.

      Thanks for the comments

  2. Nicely done on Fullerton. I looked at that once and remembered how crappy it looked….not for me, but definitely needed work. Although it was offered cheap enough as a REO…

    Should hopefully spruce up the street once others see how good it came out (and when it sells!)

    • Thanks Matt,

      We also rehabbed and sold the house across the street, plus we have a few building lots at the dead end on Fullerton, so we’re doing our part to make the street look nice.

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