151 Bowdoin St Update – Historic House Rehab

151 Bowdoin Before

Our historic house on Bowdoin St is a few weeks out from completion.

The outside is mostly done and it looks really amazing!!! I’m liking the color combination that we chose. We went with a sage green for the main body, an off white creamy kinda color for the trim, and a burgundy for all the accents. Check it out; (you can see all the before pictures HERE)

151 Bowdoin St Springfield MA

151 Bowdoin Rear View

151 Bowdoin St Front

The lighting wasn’t the best when I took these pics, but it still looks good!!

Your going to have to wait for interior photos because I haven’t taken any of those yet.


  1. Carolyn MacElrevey says

    Hi Matt<

    I was brought up at 104 Bowdoin Street between 1942 and 1954 at the corner of Bowdoin and Worthington. I see there was a fire there in May. it has always been my favorite house as in that day it was beautiful inside. I cannot remember which house 151 is but it looks like you did a wonderful job with he renovations and that the neighborhood is coming back to what it once once. A wonderful street to live on. Carolyn

  2. Thelma Clagett says

    Hi Matt, waiting for the inside pictures. Coming soon?

  3. Mary Hart Shaffer says

    Thank you thank you thank you. It was so very wonderful growing up in Springfield. We lived at 151 between 1958 and Aug 1967. I can’t wait to see what you do to the inside. If you would like to haave some info about the good old days please email me, Dover DE.

  4. Mary Hart Shaffer says

    This was a very good neighborhood back in the day, Irish Catholics, lots of kids. We were the family with the swimming pool from Sears. We used to jump off the roof of the garage into the above ground pool, old man Dupont next door would tell our dad and we would get into trouble. We lived at 151 from 1958 until Aug 1967. Our dad worked at the Springfield Armory and that too was a great place to visit. I was so very sad to see how rundown the place had gotten and then cried with happiness to see it come back to life…thank you thank you thank you. Did anyone tell you of the movie star that came to Springfield and lived up the street? If you would like to know more about the old days please send me an email surfsidemary@netzero.net Dover DE

    • Hi Mary,

      I’m glad you guys weren’t swimming in the pool that was there when we bought the house….. it was filthy!! lol.

      Who was the movie star living in the neighborhood?

  5. Thelma Hart Clagett says

    I used to live at 151 Bowdoin St. with my family in 1958. My sister went back to see it many years later and found it in great disrepair. So glad to see it in its new outfit.

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