151 Bowdoin St, Historic Rehab

151 Bowdoin St Before

Our historic beauty at 151 Bowdoin is complete. All thats left is cleaning and staging the home.

This was an epic project. When we bought the house we knew we were in for a challenge.It looked like a big old purple haunted house!

The house was basically stripped when we got it…. nothing was left in the kitchen, there was no plumbing or heating systems, and the exterior was in deplorable condition.

In the end I think it came out real nice.

Have a look at the unstaged photos: (you can see all the before pics HERE and the before video HERE)

House for Sale Springfield MA

151 Bowdoin St Springfield MA

Historic House for Sale Springfield MA

151 Bowdoin Springfield MA Historic House

Nice Garage Doors!!!

Living Room

Dining Room

151 Bowdoin St Kitchen

Stainless Steel Appliances / Tile Backsplash

Kitchen w/ Breakfast Bar

Bathroom with Claw Foot Tub

Master Bedroom w/ Fireplace

Bowdoin St Bedroom

Second Floor Bath



So it came out pretty awesome. We kept the historic appeal of the exterior and brought the interior up to date with modern upgrades and finishes.

I’ll post the new pictures when we get it staged.

151 Bowdoin St Update – Historic House Rehab

151 Bowdoin Before

Our historic house on Bowdoin St is a few weeks out from completion.

The outside is mostly done and it looks really amazing!!! I’m liking the color combination that we chose. We went with a sage green for the main body, an off white creamy kinda color for the trim, and a burgundy for all the accents. Check it out; (you can see all the before pictures HERE)

151 Bowdoin St Springfield MA

151 Bowdoin Rear View

151 Bowdoin St Front

The lighting wasn’t the best when I took these pics, but it still looks good!!

Your going to have to wait for interior photos because I haven’t taken any of those yet.