Flip This House Update-Historic Home Rehab

Dominic met with the historic society last night and we got all our final approvals to go ahead with our renovation of the historic house on Bowdoin St.

Heres a video of the way it looked just after we closed on it.


  1. Do you know about how much it’s going to cost to rehab this? – looking at a similar property in MD

    • Hi Nathan,

      This project is gonna cost around $87,000 in total. That includes all the site work and demo we had to do.

      Is the house you are looking at historic?

  2. Hi,

    Nice video…MONSTER of a house!!! Being an historical home, are you receiving any grants towards this one? In Charleston, SC a lot of grants are available to restore historic homes. Also, how did you find it? How do you find most of your deals? I am currently using direct mail with moderate response.

    Can’t wait to see the finished product!!! What’s the timeline???

    • Hi Jen,

      We aren’t receiving any grants for this renovation. We looked into it but all the grants we found were for owner occupied houses.

      We found this property on the MLS as it was a bank owned house.

      This house is huge so it’s definetly gonna take us at least three months to rehab it.

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