84 Rhinebeck Ave Rehab Progress – House Flip Update

Here’s a look at our 84 Rhinebeck Ave property in Springfield.

We gutted out all the damaged sheetrock and floors.

In these photos you can see all the beautiful new sheetrock taped and mudded.

84 Rhinebeck Ave Springfield House For Sale

Rhinebeck Living Room

We opened the wall between the living room and kitchen to give the space a nice open and airy feel. Look at how smooth that tape job is!!!


Kitchen Gutted Out

Heres a look at the kitchen all gutted out with the new sheetrock hung. You can see some of the rough electric and plumbing in. We also added some recessed lighting in both the kitchen and living room.


Here is one of the 2 full baths with all the colorful new sheetrock hung. You can also see the new vinyl replacement windows that we added throughout the house.

84 Rhinebeck Ave Home For Sale

Here is one of the upstairs bedrooms with all the walls painted. We will put down a new subfloor and then probably add some berber carpeting to the room.




This ones probably gonna be finished up within the next week.

We’ll have it staged and for sale soon.  I’ll post the finished pics so you can see the amazing transformation!!!!



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  1. Hey Danny,
    I know what you mean. This is such an important step in rehabbing too. It doesn’t matter to the buyer if you rewired the whole house with gold wire or fully replumbed the house with copper. If the tape job is bad you might as well give the house away for free. So many rehabbers and contractors dismiss the importance of the finish items.
    Thanks for reading,
    Dominic Kirchner II

  2. I love seeing houses gutted with new sheetrock. I don’t know why. I guess they just look so clean.

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