Ellendale House Flip Project

I haven’t done too many deal updates here recently, and I can tell you that it’s not because we have no projects to work on… actually it’s just the opposite. Hampden Homebuyers has been on a bit of a tear since the new year buying and selling quite a few properties.

Over one three week period in February I think we put like 10-12 houses under contract to purchase. Couple that with the best Real Estate Investor Coaching that we are doing and it has been a busy time.

One project we are working on getting rehabbed is our Ellendale house. This is a really nice brick ranch with a hip roof. It is almost 1,700 square feet but only two bedrooms. Yes, it has a lot of wasted space.

Well we are going to change all that around. This is a full gut project. We are changing the floorplan quite a bit and adding two new bedrooms. When we’re done we’ll have a 4 bedroom 2 full bath home with a little under 2,000 square feet plus a fully finished basement.

Our demo guys beat me to the house and had it ripped apart before I could get some real before pictures, but these are close enough:

Ellendale House Flip

Kitchen - Gutted

Living Room

Dining Area

Awkward Den with Fireplace

Master Bedroom

Full Bath

Finished Basement


Now here is a little video we put together with some of the progress and an overview of our rehab plans:


So what do you think? Looks like a fun little project doesn’t it….


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