82 Lasalle St, East Longmeadow…. Finished and Staged

We finished up the work at 82 Lasalle St last week and we staged it over the weekend. It came out great!! I thought we had it pre-sold but that my not work out so we will be putting it on the market this week. In the kitchen we did granite counters and a real nice appliance package that includes a top of the line Bosch Fridge…. its gorgeous.

We’re still going strong churning through our pipeline of rehabs and working hard on the acquisition front. We got two new short sales approved over the last two weeks so I’m gonna have to make some posts on those.

We’re still waiting for the property on Mansfield St to close. We initially got held up on this one because we couldn’t get the building inspector to issue our certificate of occupancy as he was away on vacation…. that added an extra week and a half to our closing schedule, and now that we’re ready our buyer is not. The lender now has to reverify employment and what not now that we are in a new month… and it is dragging on.

So here are the pictures of Lasalle St; 

82 Lasalle St

82 Lasalle St East Longmeadow

Kitchen w/Granite and Tile Backsplash

New Bosch Fridge

"Hidden Control" Fridgedaire Gallery Dishwasher

Fridgedaire Gallery Convection Oven w/Microwave

Top of the Line Appliance Package

Dining Area with Kitchen Island

Updated Bathroom

Shower Panel

Bedroom 1

Main Hallway

Bedroom 2

Master Bedroom

Living Room

Living Room w/Pellet Stove

Bedroom 4/Office/Fitness Room/Play Room/Den/ etc.......

Oversized Garage

I’m thinking this house will go quickly. It’s got a lot of nice features including the oversized garage, half acre lot, and it’s located in a great neighborhood.

On to the next one!!!!

209 Gifford Update… Ready for some Rock!

All the rough framing, electrical and plumbing is complete at Gifford and we passed all our inspections with no issues. Now we are ready to insulate the whole house and then hang our sheetrock. The guys are coming in this weekend to do all the sheetrock and we should have finished walls by next week.

Heres a video of how things look:

Things are coming out real nice at this house and the finished product is gonna look great!

82 Lasalle St Update

Our project on Lasalle St in East Longmeadow is almost done. All thats left to do is the tile backsplash in the kitchen and bringing in the appliances. We are going with all stainless steel appliances in this house and we scored a really sweet deal on a high end Bosch fridge.

This was a pretty easy job for us and I think we may already have a buyer for the house. You can see the before pictures here.

I hope everyone is having a great New Year and you guys are closing some deals. This week we should be selling the property on Mansfield St and purchasing a new short sale that we got approved before Christmas.  Also we’ve got two meetings with a couple new private investors… should be a good week!!

17 Bessemer Before and After

Heres a look at the before and after of the property we rehabbed at 17 Bessemer St. This was our flagship deal of 2009. The stars seemed to align on this property; from finding it, to rehabbing it, to selling it…. everything went real smooth and the deal was very profitable.

The transformation was really amazing!!

Freezing My @$$ Off!!

Wow, it was bitterly cold today. The high was 16 but the wind was whipping at 30 mph so it sent a chill right through you…. it was almost unbearable.  Even my little snowdog Teddy couldn’t take it. Usually when I let him out to do his business in the morning he plays in the snow or meanders around sniffing the ground for 20 minutes, not today, he did his thing and raced back inside within a minute and headed straight for my jacket to warm up!! 

Teddy Warming Up

Well, enough complaining about the weather… not much you can do about it anyways, except move down south (Hi Mom and Dad).

So it looks like the two family on Leete St will be the last rehab that we buy in 2009. We’re hoping to close on the sale of 37 Mansfield St before the new year, but I’m not sure thats going to happen. We need the building inspector to sign off on our Certificate of Occupancy in order to close, and he is away on vacation and nobody within the building department seems to know when he is coming back???

Heres a look at Leete St. I don’t have any inside pictures because it is still boarded and I didn’t have my screw gun to get inside. The great thing about this property is that we’ve got a homeless guy living in the shed behind the house…. I’m sure he’s not gonna want to pay us rent so I think we’ll have to evict him!!!

Leete St


This house is located in a section of town we normally don’t buy in, but it was a good deal and we are looking to establish a good business relationship with the private lender who owned the property.

New Rehab… 143 Lloyd Ave

So, it’s a few days before christmas, and it seems like everybodys on vacation this week…. but not us, we’ve been busy closing two deals over the last two days. The first deal was the purchase of a 2 family rehab located on Leete St in Springfield. I don’t have any pictures of this property but I’ll be getting some to post shortly. The second was the sale of our finished rehab at 93 White St in Westfield.

We also started work on a new project that we purchased a few weeks back. The house is located at 143 Lloyd Ave in Springfield. We purchased this property from the next door neighbor of our 17 Bessemer St house. He approached us as we were finishing up the renovation of Bessemer and said he had inherited his mother’s house, it needed a good amount of work, and he wanted to know if we would be interested in buying it. We took a look at the house and made him an offer…. after much negotiating with him and his brothers, we were able to come to an agreement. We had to wait a few months for the house to go through probate before we could close. It’s going to be a pretty easy rehab as the house is your basic single level ranch; we’re doing a new roof, new siding, new gutters, new windows, new kitchen, new bathroom, redo all the hardwoods, and convert the breezeway into a dining room. The house did have an inground pool that had not been maintained over the years. The liner was gone and trees were growing up out of the middle of the pool. Instead of spending some big bucks to fix the pool, we just crushed the concrete and filled it in.

Here are some before pictures;

143 Lloyd Ave

Backyard after Filling the Pool In

Rear of House

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Kitchen/Eat In Area

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Living Room 1

Living Room 2


Breezeway being Converted to Dining Area


I didn’t get any pictures of the pool before we filled it in as the guys were too quick in getting over there… too bad as it would have made a good video. This is going to be a great little house and will be perfect for a first time buyer once we are finished with the renovations.

Gifford St Update and more deals….

It’s been a pretty busy 10 days since I last posted. We closed on a new rehab project on Parker St in Springfield on Wednesday. We also made deals on three new properties; the first is a two family that we are buying from a local money lender, the second is a short sale that we finally got approved after working with Bank of America for almost a year, and the third is an estate property that needs a pretty thorough cosmetic overhaul. 

On top of all that we still have our 6-7 ongoing projects and we will be selling two of our finished properties next week; 37 Mansfield St and 93 White St

Now for our ongoing projects….. Things are moving along well at Gifford St. Most of the rough framing is complete and the plumbers have been there the last couple days doing their rough in. The outside has been completely sided, the new roof is on and we’ve added the new driveway. Heres a look; 

New Driveway


New Second Floor Bath framed in with Tub and Plumbing


Second Floor Bedroom closet framed in


New Second Floor Bedroom with Full Dormer


Kitchen looking in from Dining Room


First Floor Gutted


New Stairway Going In


The electricians will be coming in next to do all their rough work once the plumber finishes up. From their we get all our rough inspections done and then it will time to for insulation and sheetrock. Once we get the sheetrock up it will start to look like a house again!!

37 Mansfield St – Final Pictures

37 Mansfield Before

The renovation work is totally complete at 37 Mansfield St. The property came out awesome and we found a buyer without even having to put it on the MLS. This property had alot going against it; it was condemned, it was fire damaged, the porches were falling down, and it had some serious structural problems… but we fixed all that and turned it into a real gem!! With over 3,700 square feet, 10+ bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms this was by far the biggest property that we have rehabbed. We started renovation of the home in June and work was completed at the end of September. We ended up converting this property from a three family to a two family. This was a total gut down to the studs; we did new electric, plumbing, heating systems, roof, siding, windows, kitchens, baths, sheetrock, etc…..   

You can see more of the before pictures here and some video here.

Heres a look at the finished product:

37 Mansfield St- After

37 Mansfield After

Kitchen Unit 1

Kitchen Unit 1

Bathroom Unit 1

Bedroom Unit 1

Living Room Unit 1

Bedroom Unit 2

Third Floor Living Room Unit 2


I was amazed out how nice the hardwoods came out. When we first started work I didn’t think we were going to be able to save any of the floors but our hardwood refinisher was able to work some real magic on those old floors!!

So have another look at the before pictures here and let me know what you think….