17 Bessemer Before and After

Heres a look at the before and after of the property we rehabbed at 17 Bessemer St. This was our flagship deal of 2009. The stars seemed to align on this property; from finding it, to rehabbing it, to selling it…. everything went real smooth and the deal was very profitable.

The transformation was really amazing!!


  1. Matt,
    Awesome work on 17 Bessemer. How were you able to get the smoke smell out of the house? How much did you get this prop for? Was it listed in mls & what was list price? How much was total rehab costs? What did you sell it for?
    I’m a Realtor from Michigan & find really great deals here. I just bought an REO 1600sf colonial, 4 bdrm, 1-1/2 bth, 2 att gar, unf bsmt for $48,800. Owner lost it to bank for $208,000. Rehab costs will be about $15K & plan to flip it for about $100K. Should be finished brand new kitchen & bths in 3 wks, got any buyers looking in Auburn Hills, MI. Call me 586-215-1616

  2. Matt – you do some nice work! ‘Gave me some great ideas on how to handle dormer closets. BTW, what software do you use to edit the video. I liked the picture transitions.

    Keep up the great work. ~Craig Fuhr

  3. I am still in awe. You turned the neighborhood eyesore into the neighborhood gem. Awesome!

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