New Rehab… 143 Lloyd Ave

So, it’s a few days before christmas, and it seems like everybodys on vacation this week…. but not us, we’ve been busy closing two deals over the last two days. The first deal was the purchase of a 2 family rehab located on Leete St in Springfield. I don’t have any pictures of this property but I’ll be getting some to post shortly. The second was the sale of our finished rehab at 93 White St in Westfield.

We also started work on a new project that we purchased a few weeks back. The house is located at 143 Lloyd Ave in Springfield. We purchased this property from the next door neighbor of our 17 Bessemer St house. He approached us as we were finishing up the renovation of Bessemer and said he had inherited his mother’s house, it needed a good amount of work, and he wanted to know if we would be interested in buying it. We took a look at the house and made him an offer…. after much negotiating with him and his brothers, we were able to come to an agreement. We had to wait a few months for the house to go through probate before we could close. It’s going to be a pretty easy rehab as the house is your basic single level ranch; we’re doing a new roof, new siding, new gutters, new windows, new kitchen, new bathroom, redo all the hardwoods, and convert the breezeway into a dining room. The house did have an inground pool that had not been maintained over the years. The liner was gone and trees were growing up out of the middle of the pool. Instead of spending some big bucks to fix the pool, we just crushed the concrete and filled it in.

Here are some before pictures;

143 Lloyd Ave

Backyard after Filling the Pool In

Rear of House

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Kitchen/Eat In Area

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Living Room 1

Living Room 2


Breezeway being Converted to Dining Area


I didn’t get any pictures of the pool before we filled it in as the guys were too quick in getting over there… too bad as it would have made a good video. This is going to be a great little house and will be perfect for a first time buyer once we are finished with the renovations.


  1. Hi Don,

    If it was in better shape or only needed minor repairs I think we would have kept it. However, like you said, the swimming season is so short here in the northeast I feel that a pool doesn’t add a whole lot of value. Alot of people shy away from them because of the maintenance and liability.

  2. That will be a nice looking place when you guys are done. Would you have kept the pool if it was in decent shape? How would the presence of a pool affect the marketability of the finished product, seeing how short your swimming season is? Here in OH, a pool would generally detract from the value…

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