37 Mansfield St – Final Pictures

37 Mansfield Before

The renovation work is totally complete at 37 Mansfield St. The property came out awesome and we found a buyer without even having to put it on the MLS. This property had alot going against it; it was condemned, it was fire damaged, the porches were falling down, and it had some serious structural problems… but we fixed all that and turned it into a real gem!! With over 3,700 square feet, 10+ bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms this was by far the biggest property that we have rehabbed. We started renovation of the home in June and work was completed at the end of September. We ended up converting this property from a three family to a two family. This was a total gut down to the studs; we did new electric, plumbing, heating systems, roof, siding, windows, kitchens, baths, sheetrock, etc…..   

You can see more of the before pictures here and some video here.

Heres a look at the finished product:

37 Mansfield St- After

37 Mansfield After

Kitchen Unit 1

Kitchen Unit 1

Bathroom Unit 1

Bedroom Unit 1

Living Room Unit 1

Bedroom Unit 2

Third Floor Living Room Unit 2


I was amazed out how nice the hardwoods came out. When we first started work I didn’t think we were going to be able to save any of the floors but our hardwood refinisher was able to work some real magic on those old floors!!

So have another look at the before pictures here and let me know what you think….


  1. Hi! I sumbled upon your site by chance, I was browsing Yahoo for Hawaii Flooring Service when I found your website. I’m lucky I found it. Just what I was looking for. Added you to my Google bookmarks, will revisit when I have free time

  2. Kelly Miller says

    BeeYutie! (Beauty!)

    So how do i find the hardwood floor refinisher guy? Approx what is your per sq ft cost to refinish?

    Look at that shine!

    Thank you.

    • Hi Kelly,

      Our guy charges $1.20 per square foot…. which is about as cheap as they come, but we give him a lot of work!!

      Most contractors will tell you they can refinish your floors but I prefer to work with guys who do nothing but refinish and install hardwoods. They’ll give you the best finish, and they know how to salvage even the worst floors. I didn’t think we could save the floors in this house but they came out great.

      You can find hardwood refinishers anywhere… newspaper ads, on Craigslsit, yellowpages etc….

  3. Wow, Matt, nice job! Another home run! 🙂

    The hardwood flooring looks fantastic!

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