Plumtree Rd Update ~ Interior Finished



Our contractor got through Plumtree Rd pretty quick. Heres a look at the inside:






Dining Room


Living Room w/ Fireplace


Living Room/ Staircase


First Floor Bath


Bedroom 1


Bedroom 2


2nd Floor Bath




We installed a corner shower unit in the second floor bath where the old tub use to be. These are nice as they save space but still provide plenty of room to bathe in.

Next step is to stage the home and get it ready to show!

Plumtree is Moving Along

The outside of Plumtree Rd is complete and we should be finishing up the inside soon. Here’s how it looked on Tuesday before we finished up the landscaping;





Heres how it looks after we finished up the landscaping today:



I think it’s a pretty good transformation from where we were 10 days ago.

It looks alot like Bessemer St except we used green shutters. My first choice is a burgundy raised panel shutter, but this house had green trim on all the windows so we went with a green shutter to match the trim. We also added the white picket fence to the front of the property. I think the fence looks pretty sharp…. we’ve had this in the scopes of work on a few other houses but for some reason it always gets cut out last minute. 

Let me know what you think of the white picket fence. I’d like to use it on some other projects and am looking for some feedback!!

Deal Updates

A quick update on where some of our projects stand;



39 Brooks St, Springfield:We put Brooks St on the market for $133,900 and accepted an offer in early August. The home inspection was done two weeks ago and went very well. The appraisal was done on Friday and the buyer has received their loan commitment contingent upon appraisal review. Closing should be early to mid September.




17 Bessemer St, Springfield:  Bessemer St went under agreement very fast. We put the property on the market on Friday 8/15 and by the end of the open house on Saturday 8/16 we had multiple offers. The home inspection was performed last week, with the appraisal scheduled for this week…. closing should be the end of September. This home came out really nice and will probably be our best project to date.   




71 Hartford Terrace Springfield:  Hartford Terrace initially went under agreement back in June. After our first buyers hit some delays in getting their financing we put the home back on the market in late July at our initial asking price of $189,900. We had four showings the first day back on the market and received multiple full price offers. The home inspection and appraisal are complete and we are just waiting to close at the end of September. 



Work is still under way at Mansfield St, Plumtree and Glenwood.   

September is going to be another busy month so stay tuned…….

"Plumtree Road" New Project Underway


We just started renovations on our newest project on Plumtree Rd in Springfield. This is a great location in a neighborhood known as East Forest Park, just around the corner from our house on Hartford Terrace. This is an easy project compared to most of our other rehabs…. no fire damage, no leaking roofs, no full gut…. just a light rehab that will take less than two weeks. I guess this is one of those light cosmetic jobs I have been looking for.

We have been working on buying this property for over a year. I first spoke with the owner in February of 2008. The owner lived in Arizona and flew up to show me the house. We were pretty close to making a deal with her at that time… then she found out she may be transferred back up to Springfield for work and she decided to hold onto the house. Thanks to Dominics persistent follow up we were the first ones on her mind when she realized she would not be coming back to Springfield and she needed to get rid of the house!!


It’s a nice Cape with a huge backyard, similiar to our house on Bessemer St. This house has 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. We will be painting the outside, updating the second floor bath, putting on a roof, doing some sheetrock repairs, refinishing the hardwoods, repairing some water damage from a leaking pipe, and painting everything.    Heres some more photos:


Dining Room


Living Room




First Floor Bathroom




Second Floor Bathroom


Second Floor Bedroom


Second Floor Bedroom


Open Staircase




First Floor Bedroom


High Effeciency Furnace


Tankless Water Heater

You’ll notice that the kitchen ceiling is laying on the kitchen floor in the above pictures. There was a steady leak from the upstairs bathroom sink supply line that caved in the kitchen ceiling.

The good thing is this house already had a brand new high efficiency furnace and tankless water heater installed, those are big ticket items that we don’t have to address.

We don’t have a huge budget on this one so it’s not going to be as decked out as Bessemer, but it will still look real sharp when we’re done!