Plumtree is Moving Along

The outside of Plumtree Rd is complete and we should be finishing up the inside soon. Here’s how it looked on Tuesday before we finished up the landscaping;





Heres how it looks after we finished up the landscaping today:



I think it’s a pretty good transformation from where we were 10 days ago.

It looks alot like Bessemer St except we used green shutters. My first choice is a burgundy raised panel shutter, but this house had green trim on all the windows so we went with a green shutter to match the trim. We also added the white picket fence to the front of the property. I think the fence looks pretty sharp…. we’ve had this in the scopes of work on a few other houses but for some reason it always gets cut out last minute. 

Let me know what you think of the white picket fence. I’d like to use it on some other projects and am looking for some feedback!!


  1. Not a fan of the picket fence…..but it works here. That doesn’t help does it? 🙂 Sharp job!

  2. Fence looks great!!! It really seems to deepen the look of the yard. It reminds me of the part in”It’s a wonderful life” when George Bailey comes to the house in His football uniform with Mary 🙂

  3. You know what Paul says, Gotta have that white picket fence. It’s the American Dream.

    Looks good to me. Would be very bare with the house just kinda sitting there all alone without it. Great choice.

    • Hi Sean,

      Paul is always saying to add the white picket fence, but we’ve yet to do it. We finally got the chance here and I think it looks good. I guess it only matters what potential buyers think…..

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