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New Fire Damaged House Flip

Published on January 7, 2012 By Matt

We are working on a new fire damaged property. This is a 3 bedroom 1 and a half bath colonial located in Springfield. The fire started in the first floor stairway and traveled up to the second floor. The majority of the damage was done by the smoke, the actual fire damage is pretty limited. […]

House Flip Before and After – 93 White St

Published on March 6, 2011 By Matt

I haven’t done any of these cool before and afters in a long time. I’m about 20-30 properties behind 🙁 I’m gonna make a point to get caught up so you can see all our beautiful transformations!   Here is a look at the before and afters of our rehab at 93 White St in […]

Reader Questions – Rehabbing a Fire Damaged House

Published on June 18, 2010 By Matt

We’ve rehabbed alot of houses that have fire damage, because of this I get quite a few questions from our readers on renovating fire damaged homes. These types of properties can seem very intimidating to the new and experienced investor alike. You have multiple issues with fire damaged homes; not only are you dealing with the burn damage, […]

House Flip Update – 70 Glenwood St Sold

Published on April 11, 2010 By Matt

We put 70 Glenwood St on the market just over two weeks ago and it is already sold!!! We were able to get this done so quickly because we found that ever so elusive retail cash buyer.  We met our buyer over at Glenwood St on Thurs. April 1st and she immediately fell on love with the house. She informed […]

70 Glenwood; Where Have You Gone

Published on March 24, 2010 By Matthew

If you’ve been following my blog for a little while you may have remembered the property at 70 Glenwood St. This is the property with some major fire damage where we completely knocked out the floor of the first level. If you missed that video you have to see it … click HERE to watch it!! […]

Crazy Week + 37 Mansfield St Final Video

Published on February 21, 2010 By Matthew

The week started and ended very good with us getting two more offers accepted, one on Monday and the other on Friday. The first deal is an estate property that was brought to us by one of the bigger REO agents in our city. The house is in a little rougher neighborhood than I like, […]

17 Bessemer Before and After

Published on January 2, 2010 By Matthew

Heres a look at the before and after of the property we rehabbed at 17 Bessemer St. This was our flagship deal of 2009. The stars seemed to align on this property; from finding it, to rehabbing it, to selling it…. everything went real smooth and the deal was very profitable. The transformation was really amazing!!

37 Mansfield St – Final Pictures

Published on December 7, 2009 By Matthew

The renovation work is totally complete at 37 Mansfield St. The property came out awesome and we found a buyer without even having to put it on the MLS. This property had alot going against it; it was condemned, it was fire damaged, the porches were falling down, and it had some serious structural problems… but […]