70 Glenwood; Where Have You Gone

If you’ve been following my blog for a little while you may have remembered the property at 70 Glenwood St. This is the property with some major fire damage where we completely knocked out the floor of the first level. If you missed that video you have to see it … click HERE to watch it!!

Well we hit some delays getting our heat on there because the gas company told us they cut the line at the street and they wouldn’t be able to fix it until spring time. Long story short, they finally sent someone to the house and realized the line wasn’t cut at the street and we did have gas to the house, however we lost a good amount of time because we couldn’t get heat to the house, which also meant no water.

So I have a video we put together awhile back, as well as some more recent photos of the property near completion. Heres the video:

And here are some pictures of the house nearly complete. This is the first property we started using those nice archways, we borrowed the idea from Tom Tarrant over at www.TomTarrant.com .

Check it out:

Living Room with Bamboo Flooring

Front Door Looking from Living Room

Kitchen Looking from Dining Room

Archway Between Dining Room and Kitchen


Full Bath

Master Bedroom

Finished Attic Space

New Main Support Beam

This house was a small two family home that we converted to a single family. It is now 4-5 bedrooms with 2 1/2 baths and maybe 1600-1700 square feet.

Next step is to stage it and get it SOLD!!


  1. Great Job on the Restoration. It’s amazing the transformation that can take place in a home. Doesn’t even look like the same place. Nice Job.:)

  2. Great rehab! How much did you spend? I am doing a flip project near Boston and am trying to figure out what a reasonable rehab cost is.

    • Hi Alex,

      The rehab on this house cost a little over $60,000. It was a full gut with fire damage so we replaced everything.

      As you get closer to Boston your costs will probably be a bit higher.

  3. Hi Tony,

    We only finish the attics when there is a staircase running up to it and it has full size windows. We never have any problems with fire code violations.

    In some instances we can’t always officially count it as “living space” because the height of the ceilings are too low, but it makes for a great bonus room.

  4. Matt,

    Do any of the towns you work in not allow
    finishing the attics due to fire code concerns?

  5. I see in the future a few more duplexes turning into larger single families. It makes an excellent price point on selling because of all the SPACE available! (not that it probably wouldn’t go either at a good price already, but still)

    Especially for the larger families, namely (and I’m merely stating this given the nature of the city these days) the Hispanic/minority-types, etc. who tend to have multiple kids.

    • Hi Matt,

      It made alot of sense on this property because it was really small for a two family. Plus we were gutting it so we could rework the whole layout very easily.

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