House Flip Update – 70 Glenwood St Sold

We put 70 Glenwood St on the market just over two weeks ago and it is already sold!!! We were able to get this done so quickly because we found that ever so elusive retail cash buyer

We met our buyer over at Glenwood St on Thurs. April 1st and she immediately fell on love with the house. She informed us that she had the cash available to purchase the house and she could close in a week. Well, that was music to our ears and we made it happen. After negotiating the price a little, title was ordered, inspections were done, and we officially closed one week later. Another bonus is she was not working with an agent so we saved a few bucks on that end as well.

Here are the final pictures of it finished and staged (you can see the before pictures HERE) … enjoy;

70 Glenwood St Springfield MA

Flip This House - 70 Glenwood St

Flip this House - 70 Glenwood St

Green Renovating - Bamboo Flooring

Porch Converted to Living Space. Archway

Stainless Appliances

Glenwood St Kitchen

Full Bath 1

Kitchen Looking from Dining Room

Full Bath 2

Bedroom with Shiny Hardwoods

Master Bedroom

Full Bath 2 with shower panel Body Jets

Beautiful Bright White Handrail and Railing

Well, I wish they could all be that easy. Two weeks exactly, from the day the property first hit the market, to the day we are at the closing table signing the deed over, that’s definitely a record that will be hard to beat!!


  1. PS I found you from your post on bigger pockets

  2. Wow this looks terrific. I looked at the other posts so I know what you started with. I see in the comments of another post the rehab cost you $60K. I am amazed you can do that quality work on a house that large.

    • Hi Ned,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      The house really came out awesome…. especially compared to what we started with!!!

  3. Awesome job Matt! you guys are really rocking up there. what are you doing in ancipation for 04/30?? still actively buying?

    • Hi Des,

      It will be interesting to see what happens with the market…. but we are still buying.

      I’ve actually met quite a few buyers over the last couple weeks who do not qualify for any type of tax credit, but are out actively looking for houses, so I believe we’ll still have a good amount of potential buyers no matter what happens with the tax credit.

  4. Great job on the new blog Matt. Now, all you need is a nice little logo at the top of your header and it will look awesome!!

    • Thanks Tony,

      I tried to figure out how to do something a bit more fancy with the header, like adding a logo, but I couldn’t get it figured out. From what I understand I’d have to play around with the code a bit…. and that stuff just goes right over my head.

      It definetly is still a work in progress, but I’m glad you like it!


      • Well, you don’t want to play around with any code, but your website header is just a lpeg file, so you can just go into the portion of your wordpress blog, download it and motify it just like any picture. There is a site that allowes you to modify your header very easily, but I can’t seen to find it right now. I’ll email it to you as soon as I find it.

        • OK, that would be great. I was looking for a site that made it easy to edit the header but couldn’t find anything.


  5. stephen j. moore says

    great work and i did notice the similiarities in the work i.e. color,materials,and applianaces that we were talking about…keep rocking

    • Hi Stephen,

      Doing multiple projects is pretty easy when all the materials, paint, and finishes are the same for each property.

      It was nice talking to you and let me know if you have any other questions.


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