Closing… my favorite seven letter word

Every real estate investor knows that closing days are very special….. whether you are selling a finished rehab, or closing on that great deal you just spent the last few weeks negotiating. It’s the culmination of all your hard work, endless phone calls, restless nights, and dealing with attorneys, lenders, buyers, sellers and agents….. and hopefully they result in nice paydays.

On that note, we sold our short sale rehab on Arnold Ave today. We put together a short little case study video on the deal…….

This property was a rehabbers dream …. a cosmetic renovation that we were able to purchase at a big discount, rehab quickly, and sell the first day on the market!

Hartford Terrace

Heres a look at the house on Hartford Terrace with the floors refinished, nice and shiny!!  They look much nicer than they did before.



Next up will be the staged photos……

Completed Rehabs

I’ve added a page for Before and After photos and videos of our finished projects, as I know everyone loves these. I will post more as time permits…. but check out this property we just finished last month.

Atwater Rd

We got a buyer for this one at our first open house…. and should close any day now if Bank Of America would get their act together.