Property Update: 143 Lloyd Ave, Finished and Staged

The finished houses are going to be coming fast and furious over the next few weeks. My plan of buying a bunch of properties in Oct.-Dec. to have ready for the Spring market and the expiration of the First Time Buyer tax credit is playing out perfectly.

I showed you our finished house on Ravenwood St a few days back. Now have a look at our property located at 143 Lloyd Ave in Springfield. We did a pretty extensive rehab on this property including new siding, a new roof, new windows, new kitchen, new bathroom, new boiler, all new plumbing, new flooring and fresh paint. We also took a 3 season enclosed breezeway located between the garage and kitchen and turned it into living space. This additional living area is a great feature as it adds space for a formal dining room or family room.

Here it is (you can see the before pictures HERE) :

143 Lloyd Ave

New Entrance from converted Breezeway into Kitchen

Kitchen - Stainless Applainces, Tile Backsplash

Kitchen- 18x18 Floor Tiles, All Wood Cabinets

Eat In Kitchen/ Dining Area

Living Room - Large Bay Window

Bathroom - Totally Updated

Bathroom - Tile Floors, Tile Tub Surround

New Shower Panel w/ 8 Body Jets

Converted Breezeway, now added Living Space


Wow, so thats it…. came out pretty darn nice!!!  You can see what it looked like before here: Lloyd Ave Before Pics.

We were suppose to be closing on the big ugly pink and purple house this week but there are a few title issues that need to be cleared up, so looks like we will be waiting a little longer on that one. Heres a picture of that house in case you don’t remember it:

Well, thats all I got for tonight. I looked at eight properties today; four that I want to buy, and four that we already own… and now I’m ready for bed.

Adios Amigos


  1. Great conversion…can you tell me more about your breezeway project? I recently purchased a 50’s house with a breezeway and would like to do something similar. How much can I expect in costs? Did you run into any problems that I should be prepared for? Thanks for your comments.

    • Hi Lucas,

      For our breezeway conversion we had to remove all the old screen windows and add vinyl replacements. All the exterior walls and ceiling needed to be insulated, including the wall that connects to the garage. We had to sheetrock the space, install new flooring and then add heat. I also think we had to add outlets at the proper locations in order to meet code requirements.

      Not sure what the cost was as it was included in the overall bid for the whole house.

      Get a couple bids on the job from good reliable contractors and you will get a good idea of where the cost should be.

  2. Pistolpete says

    Nice looking rehab. Can you tell me what you bought it for, how much you put into it, and how much you are looking to sell it for?



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