Longmeadow Rehab Video

Here is the video walkthrough we did of our new Longmeadow rehab on Fernleaf Ave. In this video our workers are stripping the cement tile roof and we outline our interior plans for the renovation.

You can get an idea of just how big this house is from the opening scene.

This house is gonna look awesome when we’re done with it!!

Fernleaf Ave Longmeadow

-Happy Flipping

New House Flip – Longmeadow Rehab

Wow….I just realized it’s been over 10 days since my last post. Looks like I’m falling behind here, Sorry!

We are pushing right along, wrapping up quite a few projects and starting some new ones.

One new house that I’m really excited about is our new Longmeadow rehab project located on Fernleaf Ave. We bought this house a few weeks back and have started the work. This is gonna be a big job given the size of the house and all the work that needs to be done. The house is 6 bedrooms and 3 full baths with over 2,500 square feet. It’s not as big as our Historic House on Bowdoin St in Springfield,  and isn’t going to require nearly as much work, but because it’s in Longmeadow we are going to have to do a bit more of a high end rehab.

Our plan is to gut the kitchen and all the bathrooms, do new plumbing and electric, add a new roof, patch and paint the exterior stucco, install a new driveway, knock out a whole bunch of walls to open the floorplan up, remove an underground oil tank, and pretty much redo every surface in the house.

I’ve got a bunch of before pictures, so check it out;

Fernleaf Ave Longmeadow MA

Fernleaf Ave Longmeadow

Rear of Fernleaf

Garage and Driveway

Main Hallway/Foyer

Living Room with Smelly Carpet

Living Room pic 2

Kitchen Pic 1

Kitchen Pic 2

Dining Room

Dining Room with Built Ins

Second Floor Bath

Second Floor Bedroom

Second Floor Bedroom

Third Floor Bath

Third Floor Bedroom

First Floor Bath


So thats the house. Its very dated inside and has alot of deferred maintenance.  The roof has a layer of moss so thick that you can’t even see the shingles anymore!!

We did a video walk-through of this one that I need to edit and will post so you can see the house and what our plans are for the renovation.

Stay Tuned!!!!