Longmeadow Rehab Video

Here is the video walkthrough we did of our new Longmeadow rehab on Fernleaf Ave. In this video our workers are stripping the cement tile roof and we outline our interior plans for the renovation.

You can get an idea of just how big this house is from the opening scene.

This house is gonna look awesome when we’re done with it!!

Fernleaf Ave Longmeadow

-Happy Flipping


  1. I bet it will be gorgeous when you guys are done with it!

  2. Dennis Gross says

    Matt~~Dom………nice to see an older home being refreshed for another 30 years use.

    BTW~~~is that comment you made about laundry chutes applicable only to your state, or is that a national code edict ??

    • Hi Dennis,

      I’m not sure if its national code. The way I understand it is that laundry chutes are fire hazards, because they allow for a fire to travel up through the floors of a house very easily. Also they are a safety hazard for small children who may climb in them.

      Thanks for the comments!!

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