One Week at 209 Gifford St

We’re a week into the Gifford St project and we are making very good progress. The inside has been completely gutted and we’ve prepared the exterior for the siding and the new dormer. Have a look at the house now….. there seems to be something missing:





Since the roof was in such poor condition we decided to chop it right off. We’re now going to raise the roof line and add the full dormer off the back of the house.  Heres a look at some of the new framing:




The raised roof is going to allow us to make the upstairs alot bigger and alot more functional. I’ve got some video footage of our contractor ripping the roof off. He didn’t do it by hand, he used some pretty heavy duty machinery to get the job done. I’ll post that once I get it edited.


  1. Holy crap. I second what Mike said- you guys don’t mess around!

    Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. Yes, I love it! Never been ambitious enough to chop a roof off! Then again, I’ll admit I’m not a very good rehabber.

    That’s a pretty striking way to go about refacing the house!

    Looking forward to seeing the afters and comparing them with the befores!


    • Hi JP,

      This definetly isn’t your typical rehab… kind of a cross between a rehab and new construction.

      It makes sense with these older capes because we can make the second floor so much more functional…. and with this house the roof was so damaged any ways there wasn’t much to save!!

      Thanks for posting.

  3. OMG… you guys don’t mess around!

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