New Deal …. The Ware House

Sorry I’ve been slow with the updates. I’ve been battling the flu for most of the week….  hoping it’s not swine flu!!

Hartford Terrace is under agreement, we went to contract with our new buyers after only four days on the market. Check out what our prospective buyers think of the house, read the comment on this page.  


We put a contract on a new fixer upper last night. Check this one out. It is a full gut that has been empty for over 13 years. The house is very old… built in 1890, and it has a mansard style roof, which I kinda like.

102_5427  She’s a beauty!

102_5432   Mansard style roof.

102_5434   Kitchen

102_5435    Dining Room/ Living Room

102_5438   A little water damage

102_5448   Claw foot tub.

102_5449   I like the wallpaper!

102_5444   This room is very psychedelic

102_5441   Check out the Tin ceiling

102_5447     More water damage

102_5446   Heres where the water is coming in


There are a few roof leaks which have caused some damage. This house has very high ceilings, and most of the ceilings are tin, which is a real nice feature…. except alot of them are rusted out because of the water damage. We picked this one up for real cheap. It will be a nice rehab, but we may end up just wholesaling it out.


  1. OMG, this is such an unusual house. Is this Hartford, as in Hartford CT?

  2. Hi Jeff,

    We sold it with all the furniture in it. They may have been antiques but I’m not sure….

  3. This house come with the furniture in the pics?

  4. Oh dude, I would love to do that house: ) Killer!!!! open that floorplan downstairs and leave the outside historic and you have a goldmine on your hands. Great find!

  5. I like the looks of that roof! don’t see that every day.

  6. Looks spooky….kinda. I wish you could save that green wallpaper, that’s snazzy! 🙂 I’ll be following this one.

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