It's a Jungle Out There

The backyard at Bessemer St is huge. It’s about 3 times as big as a typical city lot here in Springfield. The only problem is that is was completely overgrown from years of neglect and once all the leaves started to grow in it looked like a jungle.

Heres how it looked in the spring before all the leaves grew in:

Overgrown Backyard

Overgrown Backyard

Overgrown Yard from Roof

Overgrown Yard from Roof


So instead of breaking our backs trying to clear all this out by hand we called in some heavy duty reinforcements. Have a look at this machine….. it’s a tank.


This little tank completely chewed up all the trees, saplings, weeds, leaves, pricker bushes and anything else that got in it’s way. It also tills up the soil and leaves you with a completely clear lot… all in just a few hours of work.  Now we have a nice clear, level backyard that is ready for grass seed.


This giant backyard is an awesome selling feature. Most city lots are 5,000 square feet and offer very little space and no privacy. This yard is going to be an oasis for the new homeowner!


Bessemer is wrapping up and it will be done very soon. We’ve had to wait on some of the landscaping as it’s been raining here in Massachusetts for three weeks straight. The house is coming out really nice and we should be able to move it quickly.


  1. sjcostello says

    That is a really nice, private backyard. How much did it cost to rent that vehicle?

    • Hi Scott,

      I think it was $500 for the day. That was for the machine and the operator. The guy that owns the machine owns a logging company and he mainly clears lots for new construction.

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