House Flip Story – New Springfield Tornado Damaged House

We’ve bought another Tornado damaged house in Springfield. This one is a nice little ranch that took a beating from the tornadoes heavy winds.

The storm ripped the front of the roof clean off and knocked out some windows as well as ripping off some siding.

The roof was tarped but it was still leaking pretty bad so there is a good amount of water damage to the living room and two bedrooms.

We plan to gut out the kitchen and all the water damaged sheetrock and floors. On the exterior we’ll reframe and resupport all the walls and the new roof, install new windows, and do new siding.

The sellers of this house actually found us right here on our blog. They did a google search for “selling springfield tornado house” and my previous post about our other tornado house came up. Pretty Cool!


Here’s a look at the house:

Springfield Tornado house

Tornado Damaged House


Rear of House

Living Room

Living Room

Bedroom 1


Bedroom 2

Master Bedroom



Full Bath


And here’s a look at our neighbors house.


Neighbors House

Not much left but a fireplace and chimney!!!


We’ve started the demo on this one and the new roof should be going on.


We are working on lots of other projects as well. It’s full speed ahead, buying and selling like crazy!!!


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  1. I love how the sellers found you guys from your blog! You’re right Matt … that is pretty cool! Did someone purchase the neighbors house yet? Looks like it could be another potential Hampden Homebuyers deal …

  2. Looks like a few vacant homes I walk through….yeeesh!

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