Five Closings and Stainless Steel Appliances

It’s a gorgeous day here in Springfield, MA. Right now the thermometer reads 80 degrees.  My partner Dominic just made me aware of something I didn’t realize, we could have five closings this month week. If it happens it will definetly be a record for us. A few years back when I was starting this business I would have been happy to have five closings in a year!!!  Things tend to come up last minute which may delay one or two but what should happen is; we sell two of our finished rehabs, we purchase one pretty house sub2, we purchase one rehabbed house at 70% of ARV, and we purchase the fire damaged three family. We’ve been FLAT OUT BUSY this whole year…. I love this depressed RE market.  

  One little tip I wanted to share is about Stainless Steel Applainces. We have been adding them to all our finshed rehabs, even the lower end starter homes… and the feedback from buyers has been awesome. It is an added detail that puts your finished rehab way ahead of the competition, and is one of the major reasons why I think our houses have been selling so quickly (less than two weeks on market).  Now stainless steel can be expensive so what we do is frequent Lowes and buy all the open box/ display models/ returns that they put out on the weekends. The key is to make freinds with the appliance workers and get them to call you when any good ones become available. We’ve made freinds with associates from both the Lowes near us and they will call us when they’ve got something good. We usually pick up stainless or clean steel appliances for a little more than the brand new white appliances.

Check out this kitchen:

Arnold Ave Kitchen

Arnold Ave Kitchen

This is an 864 sq. ft. ranch. We sold it in one day for above asking price at $121,000. We kept the original 80’s style cabinets that I always like to replace. However once we added the stainless appliances and staged it you don’t even notice the old cabinets anymore!! 
Well I’ve got to run to Lowes, they have a stainless steel Bosch dishwasher that retails for $540 dollars that we are picking up for $315. This will be going into the house on Bessemer.


  1. Hi Ingrid,

    We try to keep the same brand within the kitchen…. but that isn’t always possible. Some times we end up having to mix and match a little…. or we may be able to get deals on the fridge and dishwasher in the same brand…. and we’ll have to pay retail for the range and over the range microwave. Usually since we’re buying the whole package I can get the manager to take at least 10% off the retail units.

    Thanks for the comment.

  2. Matthew, thanks for posting that tip about the stainless steel appliances. When you get the open box ones, do you try to keep to the same brand for each house, or do you find that it doesn’t matter?

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