Deal Updates and Top Blogs

Wow, our little blog is getting some good recognition. Scott Costello over at the put a list together of the Top Blogs: 8 Investors who are Crushing It and Sharing, and we made the cut.  Many of you are probably familiar with the other sites Scott features, all of which I like to visit regularly. Thanks Scott…. keep on coming by and checking out our work.  

On the deal front we finally sold 37 Mansfield St. This was suppose to close before Christmas but we hit a few delays and got it all closed up yesterday. Mansfield St was our biggest project yet. Doing a full gut rehab on a 3,700 square foot three family isn’t for the faint of heart…. but we got it done and sold. From purchase date to sale took about 7 months, which is a month over what we typically shoot for but with the size of the project that time frame is very good. After completing a job of that size I think we feel pretty confident that we can tackle most any project!!!  

42 Wexford Update

Well we’ve got about 6-7 houses that are all winding down and nearing completion…. which is pretty cool but also kinda sucks because I’m gonna have to stage all those. I’ve got about enough staging paraphernalia for maybe 3 houses… so this means we are going to have to do some shopping. 42 Wexford St is one of those houses that is getting close to being complete. All the new sheetrock is up, everythings been painted and the hardwoods are being refinished. Heres a look at the house so far:  

42 Wexford St

Living Room looking at Staricase

Dining Room looking into Kitchen with new Archway

Kitchen looking into Dining Room with new Archway


Full Bath

Master Bedroom

Finished Attic

One more look at the Archway

Sometimes when a house gets to this point you are wondering if it’s gonna look good when completed….  everything is still dirty and alot of stuff is half finished and maybe you start second guessing some of your choices…. but that is not the case with this house, I can tell right now that it is gonna come out amazing and I can’t wait to see it when it’s done.

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