Deal Updates and 42 Wexford St walkthrough

Well we are looking at another very busy week. We should be closing on the purchase of two more rehabs and putting two finished properties on the market. One of the finished homes is our fire damaged two family at 37 Mansfield St, we actually received an offer on this property Friday…. before we officially even put it on the market…. however the price was a little lower than what we are looking for so we may either negotiate it up, or test the open market and see what we can get.

Also an update on 239 Plumtree Rd; we accepted an offer on this home last week. All inspections have been done and we should be good to close in another 2-3 weeks.

Video Update:

Heres a walkthrough we did of the property at 42 Wexford St in Springfield. This video was shot a few days after we closed on the house……

We’ve got so many projects going it’s hard to keep current video/picture updates on all of them…. but I’ll do my best to keep them coming!!


  1. Hi, happened to see this video clip because I’m shopping for a house right now and was looking at properties on Wexford. Are you fixing this one up to sell? If so, what price are you thinking of charging?

  2. Hey, man – nice vid! Always love seeing the project people are working on…and hopefully making a killing on! 🙂

    Love that you’re opening up the kitchen to the living area…always a smart move today.

    And the wall paper…dude…seriously…you should keep that. It’s real purdy. 😉


  3. Sean Wilder says

    Man you guys are really kicking it over the border there.

    • Hi Sean,

      We are trying to beat Than and Pauls record of 103 deals in a year!! I think we have a ways to go!

      We haven’t ventured too much into CT, but if I find some deals there I’ll let you know.


      • Sean Wilder says

        Thanks Matt,

        Same here. I have not ventured into Mass at all. I do have my Mass RE License but never done a deal myself or as an agent in Mass.

        Been focusing on Short Sales and just got that damn license here in CT, but want to move into rehabs as well.

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