Box Trucks and Paint Colors

Well it’s been another productive week in Springfield. We got two BPO’s done for short sales that we are working on, looked at a ton of houses, got an offer accepted on a nice REO deal, and yesterday we had lunch with a group of investors that came up to Springfield from southern CT for a little mastermind session. I know they read my blog so I want to thank you guys for lunch!! 

On the marketing front, we picked up a big box truck a few weeks back that we’ve been having our contractor use to cruise around town with. The truck serves two purposes; it’s great for our contractor to store all his tools and transport materials to all the various job sites, but more importantly we are using it for a bit of shameless advertising. Heres a look at it:

Sweet Box Truck


Now isn’t that a sweet ride!!!! It’s too bad our contractor is married with kids because I know he could be getting a lot of chicks driving around in a truck like that 🙂 

On the deal front we are going to be closing on the Giant Historic house next week as the title issues are finally cleared up. We spent today in Boston visiting a friend of mine who develops six unit condominium complexes. These are new construction buildings that he develops in existing neighborhoods. He builds them to look like older historic homes to match the surrounding properties. His buildings come out awesome and he uses some real nice exterior paint schemes. We visited a couple of his properties to get some good ideas for our exterior paint colors on the historic house. Heres a look at a few of his buildings:

House #1

This property has a darker sage green for the main body… almost an olive-green. The trim is a pale yellow and the accents are a burnt orange. I really like this particular look.

Historic Color Scheme 1

House #2

This house has a very deep red for the main body with a pale yellow trim and black accents. I think this may be a little too dark for what we are looking for.

House #3

This property has a lighter sage green for the main body with cream trim and a very rich/deep purple on the trim. I like this color scheme as well but I think I prefer the burnt orange over the deep purple.

Historic House Paint Color #3

House #4

This property has a lighter blue for the main body with pale yellow trim and burnt orange accent.

I’m leaning towards a sage green for the main body and I really like the contrasting look of the burnt orange accents. Tomorrow I’m going to go to Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore to look at their books and get some more ideas. We are suppose to be meeting with the local Historical Society on Monday so I’d like to have the exterior paint colors nailed down so I can show them what we are going to be using.

Let me know which of the houses you like or which colors you think look good. Leave a comment as any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!


  1. Hey Matt,

    Just checking out your blog, by finding it off of Steve’s site, and I gotta say, you guys are doing a great job up in Springfield.

    I can’t believe those are condos, they look great!! I really like that sage green complex, just catches my eye.

    Anyways, I’m in the CT area my self, let me know if you want to network. Let me know if you want me to shoot you an email to your address on your other site.

    • Hi Tony,

      Yeah, those condos are nice. They are all new construction but he builds them to blend in with the older neighborhoods he’s building in.

      Shoot me an email to my Hampden Homebuyers email address and we can talk some more.

  2. How do i contact you? I’d very much like to exchange some words. i looked through your blog and didn’t see. kamererealtygroup (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  3. Matt,
    I’ll be sure to check it out. I’m located about 10 minutes south of New Haven. I’m actually between new haven and bridgeport,ct

    • Thats a good market. You should be able to clean up now that Than and Paul moved out of New Haven to California.

      New Haven, West Haven, Milford…. Theres lots of deals there.

  4. Rock on Hampden Homebuyers!!! LOL

  5. I like house 1 and 3. # 2 is to dark and # 4 is a little to blue. I do like them both but we have to think of how it will appeal to the larger audience. Either way we are going to take this neglected, old, sad looking house and make it BEAUTIFUL!!!

  6. Matt,
    I am also investing in Southern CT. It would be great to speak to you sometime. You both are doing a great job up there. I tried getting a convenient phone number for my advertising as well but the phone company wasn’t cooperating much. I could use some advice as to how you got yours.

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