107 Granger Demo – House Rehab Video Update

Heres a quick video we did of our Granger St property during demo. You can see all the before pictures of the house HERE.

This property is moving right along. We have the new addition/breezeway conversion built, all the mechanicals are roughed in, the sheetrock is up and the walls have been painted.


  1. Matt,

    How long is it taking you to do these extensive rehabs and about how much per sq. ft are you spending?

    BTW – do you use a flip camera for the filming or are you using something else?

    • Hi Curtis,

      These bigger projects have been taking a little longer because we have one lead contractor running them all. Generally they take 10-16 weeks depending on our workload. Cost per sq. ft. ranges between $31 to $34 on average.

      We do use a Flip cam to make these movies.

      Thanks for the questions and comments.


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