New House Flip – Granger St

We picked up a nice little ranch on Granger St in Springfield a few weeks back. It’s a small two bedroom home with a real tight and boxy floorplan that we are going to open right up. We are also going to add more living space by doing a small addition and converting the breezeway into a dining room, similiar to what we did at 143 Lloyd Ave.

This deal came about as a lead from our website, The seller had met with a realtor that told him the house was worth $135,000 if it was fixed up, but in the realtors estimation the house needed $17,000 in work, so the seller should look to sell the property for $110,000. Well, Mr.Seller was motivated and he did not want to wait around to sell the house, so he got in touch with us and said he wanted $110,000 for the house but he was willing to be flexible. He told me what work was needed and I politely explained to him the realtor was dreaming thinking the house only needed $17,000 in work, but we’d come out to have a look at it.

We met the seller on a Friday; it was the day after our news story aired on CBS 3, and as luck would have it Mr. Seller saw us on TV the night before… instant credibility. It turns out his wife grew up in one of the historic homes located about 5 houses down from our Bowdoin St project and they really took an interest in the story. After touring his house and signing a few autographs for him and his wife (we are TV stars :)), we got into negotiations and agreed on a purchase price of $65,000.

We’ll be doing a new roof, some new siding, a new furnace, new plumbing, new water heater, new kitchen, new bathroom, finishing the basement, opening up the floorplan, and a breezeway conversion with a small bumpout addition.

Here are some pictures of the house:

Granger St Springfield MA

Granger St Springfield MA

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Eat In Kitchen area


Living Room



So after seeing our news story, and realizing that we “buy homes on the cheap”, the seller was willing to come way down off his asking price. He actually said that seeing the story made him understand our business alot better and he realized that his asking price of $110,000 was unrealistic.


  1. Hi Curtis,

    Learning the true rehab costs definetly takes time.

    We spend alot on our projects because we are usually doing big jobs with nicer finishes. Most rehabs range from $35k-$50k. Some of our full guts can push up to $60k.

  2. I find that very few people (even rehabbers) truly understand the actual costs to fix these places up right.

    How much are you guys spending on average for rehabs?

  3. It looks like it will be really cute!

  4. Howd you get em down to 65k from 110k..?

    • Hello Triandafilos,

      We were able to get Mr. Seller to reduce his price by rationalizing everything with them. As Matt said, seeing us on the news the night before gave us credibility in two ways; that we know what we are doing and that we can do what we say. What I mean by that is if we say we can buy the house we are going to buy the house, as long as we can agree on a price. This means a lot to sellers because that is what they want. They don’t want to waist time with someone who can’t satisfy that need. From there we went around the house and told them what our plans were to get the property up to a marketable end product that would attract buyers and qualify for FHA financing.

      Once we explained everything it was obvious that it was going to cost more than $17K. The previous Realtor was heading in the right direction but he does not do this for a living. I don’t consider him a bad agent. Quite the opposite. He was selective enough to know that it was not a house that he wanted to spend his time and resources on to sell unless the conditions were improved. I like hearing about real estate agents who set some standards rather than taking anything they can because they just want a listing. It is good to know real estate agents like this in your area.

      Anyway, back to your question. We really didn’t “get him down” but we did explain and educate him on what we had to do, roughly what it would cost, the time it was going to take, costs associated with that time and the fact that we have to make some money as well. Once Mr. Seller looked at it from that point of view we were only a few thousand dollars apart instead of $45K apart. From there we reach a common ground that we could both be okay with.

      Hope this helps. Thanks for checking out the blog and keep posting comments!

      Dominic Kirchner II

  5. Yikes. I imagine at least most of that was in the ‘needed’ department anyway. Man, if you could do all that for $17K…you’re getting materials for practically free 🙂

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