104 Columbus Ave, Holyoke – New Rehab & Deal Updates

Time for my weekly update.

We put the property at 93 White St in Westfield MA on the market last Thursday and we accepted an offer after the first weekend of showings. We actually had multiple offers on the property and sold it for slightly above our asking price. We priced this one pretty aggresively so I’m not surprised that we received a couple offers. 

239 Plumtree Rd is looking like it will be sold this week…. probably on Friday. 37 Mansfield St is under agreement with a closing scheduled for December. We were able to get a buyer for this one without even having to put it on the MLS! I’ll get some photos up of the finished rehab…it came out great!!

We have six properties under some stage of renovation and we are suppose to buy another this week.

104 Columbus Ave Holyoke MA

We closed on this property about two weeks ago. It’s a small cottage style home with 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath and a little over 1,100 sq. ft.  This house has some structural issues that we need to address. The roof had four layers of shingles and was so heavy that it was literally crushing the house!! The weight caused the rimm joist (the main joist that the exterior walls sit on) to crack and buckle out, which caused the house to sink about 3-4 inches. When the rimm joist cracked and kicked out it caused a bunch of the floor joists to also crack and bend. To fix this we are going to have to jack up the whole house and build a new foundation. Once we have a fresh new foundation we will fix the rimm joist and floor joists and set it back down. While we are at it we will gut the first floor and finish the attic space into another bedroom with a half bath.    

Here are some before pictures:




Living Room





  1. Matt, tried to send you a colleague request from the pockets website, but it cut it off, the part left off was that I’d gladly send $$$ to you for the info requested for mailing, etc. can you reply? accept request as colleague, etc. THANKS!

  2. Hi Scott,

    I miscalculated…. with another closing tommorrow we will be working on 8 properties!!

    Believe it or not we have 1 lead contractor running all these jobs with a whole slew of subs. It’s actually the contractor I found in my second blog post ever; http://flippingcrazy.wordpress.com/2009/04/07/searching-for-new-contractors/

  3. How many different crews do you have to be working on 6 house at one time?

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