Selling Your Own Home In Springfield? – 3 Advantages

Sell Your Own Home

Selling Your Own Home Advantage #1. You’re In Control

Selling your own Home? The first advantage of is that you remain firmly in control. You see, with a real estate agent, they’ll come in with many different ideas and strategies and ultimately tell you how you should sell your home.

They may decide that you should fix something or paint a room or re-shingle your roof; and once listed, they’ll tell you when a buyer is coming by and you should be out of the house. It’s hard to feel like you have any control over the situation.

But when you sell your home yourself, you decide what to do. Will you paint that room? Will you re-shingle the roof? And what’s more, will you accept buyers at all hours of day and night? You can decide all of this on your own.

Selling Your Own Home Advantage #2. You Decide Your Own Terms

The second advantage of selling your Springfield house yourself is that you can decide the terms that you want to sell. An agent will often use standard terms in an agreement (they have their own agreement) and although they’ll look to you for the price, they’ll stick to just the basics.

But when you sell your home yourself, you decide the terms. Maybe you don’t want to lower the price. Or maybe you allow seller financing. Or maybe you insist that the buyer doesn’t take possession until a certain time. It’s all up to you and you don’t have to listen to anyone else “advise” you on what is best for you.

Selling On Your Own Advantage #3. No Commissions

The third advantage of selling your Springfield house yourself is that there are no commissions to pay. You see, when an agent sells your house, you have to pay them a percentage of the selling price.

Often, that percentage can be as high as 6% of the sales price, which can be thousands of dollars (even tens of thousands of dollars!) for some homes.

But when you sell your home yourself, there is no commission to pay. You keep more of that money in your pocket.


If you’re thinking about selling your Springfield home, then skipping the agent and selling yourself will allow you to remain in control, to decide your own terms, and to keep more money in your pocket!

Did you know there’s another way to sell?

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  1. There are definitely all kinds of options a homeowner has when it’s time to sell the house. This article is spot on with some of the pros that come with selling it yourself. On the flip side, there may be disadvantage to selling it your house. You might not be able to get as much money by not having a firm grasp of the market. You may not want to handle all of the negotiating and extra work that comes with contracts. It can be a bit overwhelming. But, selling to a house buyer like Flipping Smart may be a great way to go. You can sell as is and not have to mess with any repairs.

    It all just depends on your motivation. Are you really motivated to sell quickly? Can you afford to wait for a while? Do you need the most money netted? What is it that really matters to you? Once you know that, you can choose your best option to sell your house.

  2. Iris Black says

    The key aspect of being able to strike a great deal is to ensure that you renovate the home such that its curb appeal and interiors can ensure that the market value of the property is high. However, it is also important to strike the right balance between how much to invest in the home improvement phase.

  3. If you’re at the proper price point then selling yourself is the way to go. The money you can save on commissions alone can make it well worth it. Great article!

  4. Hey Guys, I’m a property owner and I’m currently working with a property management company (citywiderpm) and my experience has been great. I first decided to rent out my property because the selling market was not great.

    The market has recovered and I find that now may be a good time to sell (I’d make a nice profit). The issue of concern is that I do not know if I should sell it or continue to rent it out. What’s a good approach or what do I need to consider to answer my own question of what to do?

    Any insight would greatly be appreciated!

    • Hi Julie, I find best way to approach this kind of situation is to sit down and do the math to see which option makes more sense financially, while also gauging the risk factors that may come up. Do you want to continue having a company manage the property? Is the rental market stable enough for strong rent rolls that can cover all expenses with a decent profit margin? Will the return from renting it over the long term be more significant than the ROI from selling now?

      Answers to these type of questions will give you a better picture. Best of Luck!

    • Great Point Julie! You read my mind. Thanks for the reply Alec!

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